2012 garmin vector pedal based power meter   2012 Garmin Vector Pedal Based Power Meter

Garmin, an expert in GPS computers, has unveiled its new pedal based power meter for 2012 called Vector. This new power meter is created to work with the Edge 500and Edge 800 cycle computers from Garmin. Suitable for Look Keo pedals, the Vector can be swapped between bikes easily.

The Vector system has a four-sided range of strain gauges mounted inside the pedal spindle that supplies data to an external transmitter. In turn, the supplied data is sent by the ANT+ protocol to a head unit. To calculate power, the deflection of the pedals throughout the full pedal stroke is measured.

This means that the total power to the pedals can be obtained. Moreover, any imbalance in the pedal stroke can be detected. Being not ANT+ compatible, the 2012 Garmin Vector Pedal Based Power Meter has more advantages than other power meters.

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