pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Polartec Cocona Base Layers

2011 polartec cocona base layers   2011 Polartec Cocona Base Layers

This 2011, Polartec has launched the Power Dry with Cocona base layers, manufactured from recycled coconut husks. Cocona technology helps recycle husks from twenty billion coconuts that are grown each year all over the world.

By recycling the coconut husks, the Cocona technology creates activated carbon, which is a property full of holes. This enhances the wicking effect of the garment, making it ideal for cycling. The major features that the base layers offer and take pride in are its UV protection and anti-bacterial properties.

Included in the 2011 Polartec Cocona Base Layers range is the Marmot men’s base layer in lithium/lead, the Marmot women’s base layer in black, violet, and pink, and the Peak Performance WMs SitKat SS in pink and green.

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