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Mario Kart Symbols on Bike Lanes in Portland

On North Williams Avenue in Portland, a unknown individual painted Mario Kart symbols on the bike lane.

Mario Kart, a popular Nintendo video game, features certain items that can help you, or hurt you. On the bike lane, the popular banana peel, star power, mushrooms, and speed boosting arrows.

At this time, no one knows why the individual painted the symbols, but indeed it is pretty cool. We do wonder if the City of Portland will allow them to stay (which is also undetermined at this time).

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National Geographic Traveler Awards Portland Most Bike Friendly City

national geographic traveler awards portland bike friendly city   National Geographic Traveler Awards Portland Most Bike Friendly City

The City of Portland has been struggling to improve its infrastructure as sanctioned by the Portland Bicycle Plan for 2030, regardless of the esteem honor it earned from the National Geographic Traveler as the most bike friendly city in the United States of America.

Planning ahead was their key to the honor rendered to the city, according to Gerik Kransky, advocacy campaign manager at the Bicycle Transportation Alliance. He also added that Portland has a high riding population that brought about the ranking and likewise did open the need to improve its infrastructures based on previous plans. However, this is just the beginning.

On February 11 of this year, the City Council by a unanimous vote of 5-0 passed the Portland Bicycle Plan for 2030 with its objective to enhance Portland’s ridership, to attract new riders, improve practical biking policies, appropriation of suitable parking space, the expansion of biking programs and networks…

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Veer – Portland Cycling Documentary Movie

veer protland cycling documentary movie   Veer   Portland Cycling Documentary Movie

Veer, a documentary displaying different types of cycling in the “bicycle capital of the world” Portland, is now showing at The Cube cinema in Kingsdown this Saturday. Some of the “cycling” in the film is bike jousting, cycle chariot racing, zoo bombing, and tall bikes going off jumps with fire. The same night on display is “Les Velobicis”, a mini bike display. After the movie there will be a bicycle powered Scalextrix, which is held by Bristol Bike Project. Starts at 5pm with tickets costing £4/£5.


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Rubber to the Road iPod Notescast Made for Portland Cyclists

rubber road ipod notescast made portland cyclists   Rubber to the Road iPod Notescast Made for Portland Cyclists

TimeStream Software, along with River City Bicycles, announces the new “Rubber to the Road” Notescast® for the iPod Classic, iPod Video and iPod nano. Available as a free download from, Portland bike riders can now explore 44 stunning new bike rides throughout Portland, Oregon using their iPods as a guide to read interactive route descriptions and turn by turn directions, complete with photos.

“Since many riders bring their iPods with them when they ride, we realized this would be a perfect application of the Notescast concept.” said Mike Westby of Portland’s TimeStream Software. “Now riders can use that same iPod as an interactive guide to explore new bike rides throughout the Portland metro area.”

The new “Rubber to the Road” Notescast presents 44 classic Portland bike rides to such destinations as:
Council Crest
Multnomah Falls
Columbia River Gorge
Lake Oswego
Mt. Scott
Happy Valley
Oregon City
Bull Run
St. Johns
Larch Mountain
And more…

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