pinit fg en rect gray 20   Freelap Timing Watch and Poles

freelap timing watch poles   Freelap Timing Watch and Poles

The Freelap timing poles and watch is the tool to get to use healthy competition for improvement in riding.

The Freelap watch records your run in real time start and finish. The poles are transmitters that gives off a signal to the watch and records the exact moment it was triggered, whether at the start of the race or at the finish line.

The watch sports automatic backlight, displays large fonts so you can read the numbers easily, has 2000 intermediate times and 64 files. The digital face shows the intermediate time and time.

Added features are the assisted mode and interval training mode. The assisted mode would be the recording of time when the athlete leaves the vicinity of the transmitter. The interval training mode records the start, lap time and finish of the run. The watch and poles are programmed to be within the distance of 10…

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