pinit fg en rect gray 20   Polaris Quantum Waterproof Jacket

polaris quantum waterproof jacket   Polaris Quantum Waterproof Jacket

A lot of people don’t really like the color orange. Its striking and kind of irritating to the eyes. But here’s one good reason to like the color orange, simply because of the name. The Polaris Quantum Jacket is blindingly orange, yes, so you may find the color “loud” at first.

But once you try it, this jacket can change your mind. It has a comfortable fit with no plastic-like feeling thanks to its full mesh liner. Secondly, the hoods is not zipped up or popped down. Instead, it is secured within the Velcro tab like a padded collar.

Besides its bold color, other annoyances may be contact with your helmet. Other than that, this jacket is perfect for wear and tear in terms of weather.

The Polaris Quantum jacket is made with a highly effective Hydro vent fabric that keeps wind and rain out as well as…

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