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POC Trabec Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   POC Trabec Helmet

poc trabec   POC Trabec Helmet

Sporting a completely different look from other helmet lines like the DJ helmets, POC is serious in making a statement with their new POC Trabec helmets. The helmet is specifically designed for all mountain riders, perfect for the great outdoors.

POC’s helmet offers more than just protection for both the side and the back of the head. It has boasted of fitting on your head more like a skater’s helmet rather than that of a cyclist but with the ventilation that comes along with a trail helmet with 16 large vent holes to keep you cool no matter the pressure.

The Trabec trail helmet by POC is fabricated using an Aramid filament reinforced EPS (Expanded PolyStyrene foam) core blended perfectly with a polycarbonate shell that helps keep away any tears from the seams in vulnerable areas.

Currently there are two available models for the POC Trabec: The POC Trabec…

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2011 POC Receptor Flow and Receptor+ Helmets

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 POC Receptor Flow and Receptor+ Helmets

2011 poc receptor flow and receptor helmets 1 257x300   2011 POC Receptor Flow and Receptor+ Helmets

The POC 2011 line-up reintroduces the Receptor+ helmet and Receptor Flow models. The POC Receptor+ is a four-season item, which can be used for winter, bike, water and skateboards sports. It features a patented VDSAP system that includes a multi-purpose liner.

In addition to its versatility, the Receptor+ is extremely durable with its double overlapping shells that features an in-molded Aramid barrier. Multi-impact SEPP liner is embedded with a penetration-proof ventilation system, which allows smooth airflow in between the two shells of the helmet. It comes in black, red, white and green colors.

The POC Receptor Flow helmet uses a Receptor+ shell and has an EPS liner inside for protection. Lightweight and well ventilated, it has a slim design as preferred by most BMX riders. There’s a PC inmould shell just below the outer shell for added protection and a visor attachment rig. It comes in six colors (white, black,…

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POC Spine Vest Back Protector

pinit fg en rect gray 20   POC Spine Vest Back Protector

poc spine vest back protector   POC Spine Vest Back Protector

POC recently designed a lightweight body protector for your spine and back that promises to be durable and strong when you get into a tumble or fall. The POC Spine VPD Vest Back Protector is made from a new compound that is specifically designed to absorb shock better than any material used in body armours. This compound is called visco-elastic polymer dough. It works to absorb shock and adapts itself to the force of the impact. This, in turn, will lessen damage inflicted to the rider.

Some riders abhor wearing body armours because they are bulky and not all the time, can truly offer good protection when they take a spill on the road or get into an accident. POC created this body vest to be light yet strong enough to withstand force. The density of the compound will not hinder movement but can still provide needed protection…

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POC 2010 Helmets

pinit fg en rect gray 20   POC 2010 Helmets

poc 2010 helmets   POC 2010 Helmets

POC is a Swedish company that produces helmets and other safety gear, and sponsor Jeremiah Smith, Daniel Dhers, Anthony Napolitan, Brian Hunt, and Drew Bezanson. Now that you know a little about the brand, we introduce to the POC 2010 Helemts. In this lineup you can see your regular helmets and full face. Different colors and designs are available, with the traditional POC stamped on the side of a few. Check out the full lineup below.

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Cortex DH MIPS helmet by POC

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cortex DH MIPS helmet by POC

cortex dh mips helmet by poc1   Cortex DH MIPS helmet by POC

In the last 2 years POC has expanded its protective gear selection to meet the growing demands of downhill, freeride, and BMX riders. In store for 2010 is the Cortex DH MIPS helmet by POC. The Cortex DH MIPS was specifically designed to reduce rotational violence in the case of an impact. POC accomplished its anti rotational violence downhill helmet by teaming up some expert in the field, MIPS. The helmet features patent pending aramid reinforced in-mold liner, which is enclosed in an advance protective carbon shell. In addition, the liner houses a polycarbonate layer, covering the multi-impact Super EPP core. POC’s downhill helmet will be offered in an array of colors and graphics.

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