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2010 Planet Bike Cyclocross Season

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2010 planet bike cyclocross season 300x200   2010 Planet Bike Cyclocross SeasonThe Wisconsin Cycling Association has added some thrilling events to its 12-race 2010 Planet Bike Cyclocross Season. Now in its 15th season, more fun and daring events are introduced within the cyclocross. Come September, the Wisconsin series offers the 2010 Planet Bike Cup, a UCI and USGP races in Sun Prairie.

Planet Bike Cup brings a lot of attraction in the national scene bring in spectators, fans and local tourists in the area. Perking up the races should benefit all. “We have a long tradition of quality cyclocross races in Wisconsin,” according to Jerry Pearce, cyclocross organizer of the WCA Cyclocross Committee. “And with the national attention the Planet Bike Cup brings to the area, we wanted to tweak the races…” he said.

Pearce adds that the three new races promises a variety of fun and challenge to all who will be joining in the events.

The high points of the new series:

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Planet Bike Global Cooling Machine Cycling Shirt

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planet bike global cooling machine cycling shirt   Planet Bike Global Cooling Machine Cycling Shirt

Are you a cyclist who is an advocate of the environment?  Would you like other people to see that it is now time to give high regard to it because of global warming?  You can let other people know about it with the help of the Global Cooling Machine shirt by Planet Bike.

This shirt is a perfect outfit for every biker for casual biking in the neighborhood but also as casual wear on different biking events.  This preshrunk shirt is made from 100% cotton.  Since it is made from this fabric, you are assured that you will feel very comfortable and cool just like what the shirt indicates.

Aside from the fabric, you will also love this shirt if you are eco-friendly as the ink used to print the logo or the shirt design is made from environment-friendly ink.  This means that the components that make up this ink are not…

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