pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Octane One Pivotal Saddle

2012 octane one pivotal saddle   2012 Octane One Pivotal Saddle

Octane One has released its lineup of cycling items for 2012, which includes the new saddle called Pivotal. Overall, the strength of the saddle’s structure is increased. By improving its base construction, seat damages including bent or cracked seat nose are prevented.

Crafted with 100% nylon, the Pivotal saddle guarantees a high quality. It also comes with a very nice one-piece microsuede top cover and a thin padding. Aside from its slim shape, another good feature of the saddle is its hollow bolt.

Weighing in at only 245g, the 2012 Octane One Pivotal Saddle offers a lightweight but strong seat. It measures 221mm x 122mm. Moreover, in order to make the front-end stiffer and shorter, the Pivotal mount was shifted forward.

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