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2011 Pistard Bike Long Pants

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Pistard Bike Long Pants

2011 pistard bike long pants   2011 Pistard Bike Long Pants

Pistard has released the perfect cycling pants for 2011, the Bike Long Pants, for city professionals who prefer to daily commute by bike. This is the ideal way to be environmentally friendly and dress smart at the same time.

Tailored with an exquisite classical cut, the Bike Long Pants is made from a glossy dark grey fabric with UV protection. A perfect match for these stylish cycling pants will be any short-sleeved collared shirt with leather shoes. Unnoticeable material is added in the crotch to add more space and comfort when riding.

Not only is the 2011 Pistard Bike Long Pants fashionable but also comfortable on and off the bike. With a button fastener on the inside of the right leg, the pants are kept off the chain. As the fabric does not absorb sweat, these pants do not smell and can be worn as comfortable as jeans all…

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Pistard Cycling & Urban Apparel

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Pistard Cycling & Urban Apparel

   Pistard Cycling & Urban Apparel

Pistard is a new cycling and urban apparel company from Italy, with a task to satisfy the consumer. By doing this, Pistard established a worldwide consumer survey, and the results were products fitting for city use, commuting to and from work, etc.

What can you expect from Pistard? Classical cuts, dressy design, subtle colors, high grade fabric with all the technical details to ride in. Some of the apparel are used on professional cyclists or those wanting the feel, but have cuts and the fitting is designed for urban commuting.

Before any article of clothing goes into production, Pistard goes through a extensive testing period. If the results are not up to par, then Pistard will scrap the item and start over. Good for the environment, they only use recyclable packing.

Although it does seem like Pistard specializes in urban cycling apparel, they also created a technical sport…

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