pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Pinarello FP2

2011 pinarello fp2   2011 Pinarello FP2

A sleek, innovative road bike is being offered by bike maker Pinarello right now in the form of the 2011 Pinarello FP2.

What makes the FP2 stand out in the throng of ruling road bikes is its shapely aluminum body complete with a triangle down tube design and equipped with a lot of neat stuff, including carbon fork, carbon seatstays and ridged top tube as well as the patented Pinarello geometry.

The front end of the FP2 is also another impressive thing, which was lifted from Pinarello‘s Dogma front design. The road bike also features an Onda fork and triangular frame. These three elements work perfectly together to give a great riding experience no matter what the terrain you might encounter down the road.

The bike also boasts of superior handling and stability that can get you out of just about any tight spot you might find yourself in. The FP2 fork…

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