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2012 Pinarello Dogma Road Bike

2012 pinarello dogma road bike   2012 Pinarello Dogma Road Bike

Pinarello has slightly updated its road bike Dogma for 2012. Since 1960, Pinarello has sponsored professional teams that include Team Banesto,Telekom, Caisse d’Epargne, Fassa Bortolo, Prima Alliance, and Sky. For the 2011 Tour de France, the 2012 Pinarello Dogma Road Bike is Team Sky’s new bike.

The minor updates of the bike include a new fork with a weight a little bit reduced. The head tube is again made more integrated in the fork’s profile. Aside from the slightly altered fork, the main changes of the 2012 model are the the new crown and the look of the bike.

While there are slight refinements on the rest of its tubes, the 2012 Pinarello Dogma remains basically unchanged. With a striking apple green color, the bike is equipped with a C50 Shimano wheelset, Shimano Dura Ace Di2, Prologo saddle, Deda handlebars and stem, and Elite water bottle holders.

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2012 Pinarello Rokh Road Bike

2012 pinarello rokh road bike   2012 Pinarello Rokh Road Bike

Pinarello has launched a road bike for 2012 called Rokh. Manufactured with balanced value and performance, the Rokh is claimed to be a full on race-ready machine. Along with the Pinarello’s 12K carbon used in the frame are the well-formed Onda forks.

Greatly designed, the frame is said to be a combination of the Kobh’s somewhat longer chainstays and relaxed geometry and the Quattro’s race worthiness. Such reliable features enable the bike to tackle any crits when needed.

From higher-end race machines, the 2012 Pinarello Rokh Road Bike uses the asymmetric frame designs. Aside from the the Movistar Team Replica paint scheme option, two kits will be offered, which are Sram Force and Shimano Ultegra both with excellent component specs.

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Campagnolo 11 Speed Electronic Groupset on Pinarello Dogma Giro d’Italia Special Edition

campagnolo 11 speed electronic groupset pinarello dogma   Campagnolo 11 Speed Electronic Groupset on Pinarello Dogma Giro dItalia Special Edition

Known for carbonized materials, Campagnolo now offers its 11-speed special edition electronic gear system. Just recently they’ve announced to the public that their specialized gear system will be specifically used only by the Spanish Movistar team in the 2011 Giro d’Italia tour.

Since Pinarello already replaced Cervelo as the official Giro d’Italia bike for the next 3 years, including the upcoming 2011 tour, the electronic groupset was seen during the presentation of the Giro d’Italia in a special black and pink finish.

When you browse the Campagnolo system it seems similar to the Shimano Di2 but this time with wires in replacement of the gear cables and a battery-powered gear placed on the down tube just behind the bottle case. Now that Campagnolo designed the special edition gear system, both levers and batteries can be seen labeled Campy Tech Lab—said to be derived from the company’s development division.

The system’s chain…

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2011 Pinarello FP1

2011 pinarello fp1 300x196   2011 Pinarello FP1

From Pinarello comes the FP1, its top model aluminum bike. Taking after its Dogma line for extreme rigidity, the 2011 Pinarello FP1 has 6061 aluminum alloy tubes and Shimano 105 Tiagra components.

This is an ideal bike for entry level cyclists at a retail price of £1,199.00. Available in 7 sizes, the FP1 frame underwent triple layer T6 treatment infused with magnesium and silicon components for intensified casting.

The 2011 Pinarello FP1 has TIG weldings and is highly responsive with its Onda™ Carbon 30HM12K fork 1″ 1/8 integral system and Onda™ FP Carbon 30HM3K rear monostay. The frame weighs 1300 grams and has a sloping of 44-46….

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2011 Pinarello Lungavita Fixed Gear

2011 pinarello lungavita fixed gear   2011 Pinarello Lungavita Fixed Gear

First introduced in 2010, Pinarello found success with the Lungavita fixed models, and now will release four more in 2011.

Lungavita, which translates to “long life” will release two special models called the Soho and Chelsea, which both use vibrant colors. If this does not fit your fancy, two other simple colors are releasing in red and black.

Comparing the 2011 Pinarello Lungavita to the previous year, the 2011 handlebars are more aggressive for track racing, and Most duel track rims that are deeper.

The Soho 2011 Lungavita might have two option available, a drop bar and flat bar. In the catalog, a flat bar is shown, but the product images distributed on the web shows drop. Retail price should be around $1,200.

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Partnership Between Bissell and Dogma Continues

partnership between bissel dogma continues   Partnership Between Bissell and Dogma Continues

Santa Rosa, California home of the Bissell Team is proud to showcase the team’s newest fleet of race bikes. Since 2007, after riding the Paris and the Prince, Pinarello has been with the Bissell Team. They have been riding the once popular Dogma, which used to be all magnesium built in the last three years. Now, the Dogma is all carbon. It gets better each year according to Ben Oliver, the mechanic for the Bissell Team. He claims that it is the best handling bike he has ridden.

The rest of the team shares Oliver’s thoughts on Pinarello’s new Dogma. Andy Jacques-Maynes , formerly product manager on road bikes and team rider for the Bissell Team seems to run out of words to compliment the Dogma. The team says that it corners amazingly and the frame has super stiff quality.

The Dogma is much even better than the Princes ‘…

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