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2012 Pinarello Diesel Only the Brave Single Speed City Bike

2012 pinarello diesel only the brave single speed city bike   2012 Pinarello Diesel Only the Brave Single Speed City Bike
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As a result of the collaboration of Pinarello and Diesel, a brand new city bike called Only the Brave has been introduced as one of the most exciting new machines in the cycling world. This is a masterpiece produced by the technology and expertise of Pinarello and the ingenuity and style of Diesel.

By using hydroformed aluminum 6061 T6 material, the frame of the Only the Brave features a unique design. On the other hand, it still maintains the two features that are vital to city street rides, which are cornering ability and handling.

Versatile and lightweight, the 2012 Pinarello Diesel Only the Brave Single Speed City Bike safely adapts to all sorts of city streets. Weighing in at 1510g, the frame of this city bike flaunts the unparalleled product of its manufacturers’, a thorough analysis of strengths and balances.

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2012 Pinarello Graal Time Trial Race Bike

2012 pinarello graal time trial race bike   2012 Pinarello Graal Time Trial Race Bike

A new technological masterpiece for time trials called Graal has been released by Pinarello Bikes for 2012. With Campagnolo Super Record and Bora Ultimates, this stealth-black time trial race machine looks amazing. Its name is the Italian term for Grail.

In terms of aerodynamic test data, the sculpted down tube of the Graal frame may not add that much. However, it appears incredibly quick. Pinarello created the Graal using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to minimize drag by assessing its results on individual tubes and sections and on the entire bike.

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The 3D reliefs on the downtube of the 2012 Pinarello Graal Time Trial Race Bike is its most remarkable characteristic. The frame, which comes in five sizes, is constructed in a standard and Di2 specific version that has a concealed battery compartment.

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2012 Pinarello Catena Messenger Bike

2012 pinarello catena messenger bike   2012 Pinarello Catena Messenger Bike
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To commemorate a small village called Catena, the birthplace of Giovanni Pinarello and the place where his cycling passion and business began, Pinarello Bikes has unveiled a new messenger bike, the Catena. Interestingly, Catena is the Italian word for chain.

Conventional method was used during the production of the Catena, which means that the CrMo tubing was joined by brazed lugs. Aside from its classic livery and neat chromed lugs, the bike also features a matching finishing kit that perfectly restores all the old cycling beauty.

With its sentimental value and classy retro design, the 2012 Pinarello Catena Messenger Bike is a great machine for passionate and stylish cyclists. Other features of this singlespeed bike is a fixed and freewheel rear wheel, a flat bar, and drop bar variants.

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2012 Pinarello Treviso Sora City Bike

2012 pinarello treviso sora city bike   2012 Pinarello Treviso Sora City Bike

Pinarello Bikes pays tribute to the city in which the company was founded by introducing a new hybrid bike called Treviso for 2012. It is then but right to build this new city bike with a 6061 T6 aluminum triple-butted and TIG-welded frameset in order to guarantee topnotch quality.

Weighing in at 1600g, the Treviso frame is perfectly designed in the unique style of Pinarello. This frame combines excellent versatility, speed, and responsiveness. Its straight handlebars offer a semi-upright position while its light wheels guarantee maximum comfort on long distance rides.
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Built from high-quality material, the 2012 Pinarello Treviso Sora City Bike while still offers style and performance while ensuring quick and flexible handling. To complete an unparalleled speed machine, this city bike combines a wheelset with Sora groupset both from Shimano.

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2012 Pinarello FP Quattro Shimano Ultegra Road Bike with Onda FPK1 Fork

2012 pinarello fp quattro shimano ultegra road bike with onda fpk1 fork   2012 Pinarello FP Quattro Shimano Ultegra Road Bike with Onda FPK1 Fork

Designed with female roadies in mind, the FP Quattro Shimano Ultegra is a road bike released by Pinarello for 2012, which features the new Onda FPK1 fork. On the fork crown is a 1 1/8” – 1 1/2” coning, which significantly enhances safety and rigidity.

Pinarello LAB has developed an iCR internal cable routing system that features asymmetric rear stays. The FP Quattro Shimano Ultegra used this new system as well as an oversized bottom bracket called Most(R) Croxover, which is tried and tested.

All the qualities female roadies are looking for in a bike are offered by the 2012 Pinarello FP Quattro Shimano Ultegra Road Bike with Onda FPK1 Fork. Thanks to its high-quality frame and fork, geometries, and asymmetric tubes. In a size 54, the frame weighs in at 1100g.

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2012 Pinarello FP Uno Tiagra Road Racing Bike

2012 pinarello fp uno tiagra road racing bike   2012 Pinarello FP Uno Tiagra Road Racing Bike

Pinarello has redesigned its road bike FP1 as an FP Uno Tiagra for 2012, a road racing bike that uses hydroformed asymmetric tubing. As a complete bike, the FP Uno comes with Shimano Tiagra as well as an asymmetric alloy frame and fork.

While the FP1 geometry is maintained, the FP Uno gets an asymmetric design, which offsets the drivetrain to the right allowing for a perfect balance of the offset power delivery. This asymmetry is most evident in the seatstays and fork and during tough climbing or sprinting.

Available in nine sizes, the 2012 Pinarello FP Uno Tiagra Road Racing Bike guarantees a perfect fit. Also, there are four color options to choose from. Swift rides on winding roads are easily tackled by the FP Uno with precise handling, thanks to its stiffer front end.

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2012 Pinarello FP-Due SRAM Rival Bike

2012 pinarello fp due sram rival bike   2012 Pinarello FP Due SRAM Rival Bike

Updated for 2012, the FP2 is developed by Pinarello as the new FP Due SRAM Rival. While the geometry is still unchanged, the bike gets a new asymmetric design that can be seen mostly in the fork and seat stays of the bike. Its ONDA design offers excellent lateral rigidity, responsiveness, and comfort.

Through its new asymmetry, the offset power delivery of the FP Due SRAM Rival is balanced as its drive train is offset to the right. This is the perfect machine for twisty roads that require speed. For better aesthetics, the frame is color coordinated with the bar, brakes, saddle, seatpost, and stem.

While it is especially designed for climbing and sprinting, the 2012 Pinarello FP-Due SRAM Rival Bike offers perfect balance with wheels that remain planted. Tapering from 1-1/8″ to 1-1/2″, the fork’s steerer allows for a stiffer front end to ensure that the handling is…

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