pinit fg en rect gray 20   Vanmoof M2 Bike with Philips Lighting System

vanmoof m2 bike philips lighting system   Vanmoof M2 Bike with Philips Lighting System

VANMOOF, a dutch cycling brand has shocked and awed in the past with their bikes and campaigns, but the brand has introduced their new collaboration with Philips lighting system.

The Philips lighting system is placed on the Vanmoof M2 bikes, and is inspired by LEDs that are used with cars. With 320 degree visibility, you have to pedal just a tad more to keep the lights charged due to the integrated dynamo.

As far the Vanmoof M2 builds, each bike comes with an anodized frame and fork, integrated seat clamp and improvements to the drivetrain. Available in single speed, 7 speed and coaster brake.

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