pinit fg en rect gray 20   Petzl Nao Rechargeable Headlamp with Reflective Lighting

Petzl has a new headlamp that pushes the bar, using out of this world technology.

The Pezl Nao Headlamp adjusts it’s two LEDs automatically, allowing you to have a longer battery life, all due to the reflective lighting.

If your cycling at night, the Nao will project a high powered beam that will shine afar. If your in your backyard with minimal lighting, the Nao will adjust to a low powered yet wide beam.

So what is reflective lighting? There are two types of headlamps in the market now known as declining mode and constant mode. Declining mode could have you with minimal lighting when you need the most, while constant mode only runs for a limited amount of time. Reflective lighting will take the best of both headlamps available; strength and lifespan of light.

For adjusting and comfort on your head, Petzl uses a Zephyr dual headband. With a few simple clicks…

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