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Sampson Stratics s5 & s6 Road Pedals

sampson stratics s5 s6 road pedals   Sampson Stratics s5 & s6 Road Pedals

Sampson and their pedals have been around on the main circuit since 1987, and throughout the years are a exceptional choice for many cyclist. Now we are in 2010, and Sampson introduces the Stratics s5 and s6 Road Pedals, using the 22 year clipless innovation to bring us a light and for a smoother ride pedal. The Sampson Stratics s5 only weighs 121 grams, while the s6 is at a shocking 99 grams. Other highlights are the rigid alloy body, and 62mm wide platform. The s5 retails for $129, while the s6 is priced at $239. Expected release time for the s6 is March 2010.

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BLB Freestyle Pedals & Color Double Toe Straps

blb freestyle pedals color double toe straps   BLB Freestyle Pedals & Color Double Toe Straps

Brick Lane Bikes also known as BLB released some new freestyle pedals and color double toe straps. BLB double toe straps use leather binding patch, triple layer black suede and camo, and a plastic sandwich layer with more stitching. Now the BLB freestyle pedals come in array of fluorescent colors, BMX style with grips to prevent your foot from sliding, and holes for you to fit straps easier. Overall, the wide color selection will allow you to color code your fixed gear, which many of us love to do.

Source: Pedal Consumption

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Eastern Metalized Plastic Pedals

eastern metalized plastic pedals   Eastern Metalized Plastic Pedals

If you do not have the funding to buy metal pedals, or just love the look but want to shave off a few ounces from your BMX Bike, the Eastern Metalized Plastic Pedals come with a metalized finish. To create this look, Eastern used vacuum metalizing procedure, so now your plastic pedals will have a metal look. Additional colors are coming soon, but for now silver and purple are available.

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White Industries Urban Platform Pedals

   White Industries Urban Platform Pedals

This nice set of urban platform pedals is from White Industries. They were first introduced at the North American Handmade Bicycle show, and have recently gone into full production. The pedals are made of 6061 aluminum, and rotate on a 17-4 stainless steel axle with Enduro sealed cartridge bearings. The White Industries Urban Platform Pedals are made to work with toe clips and single or double straps, giving the cyclist options to choose from. They come in a clear polished color, and also an anodized black version. Bronze acorn nuts adorn the ends of the spindles. The White Industries Urban Platform Pedals are made in the USA and have a retail price tag of $235.

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Speedplay Zero Pedal

speedplay zero pedal1   Speedplay Zero Pedal

An important part of bike comfort rests on a rider’s choice of pedals; and the Zero Pedal by Speedplay has much to offer its users in that department. For starters, Speedplay has equipped its pedal with the ability to adjust between a fixed position and 15 degrees of micro-adjustable float. The pedal is accessible in all positions – right side up or upside down – through its double sided symmetrical design. Its sleekness allows for optimum clearance when coming around those sharp corners. Depending on the its material, Zero can range from 70g – 105g in weight. Plenty of colors are available for matching with any bicycle color scheme. MSRP: $135 – $335….

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Dosun J-1 Safety Pedal Lights

dosun j 1 safety pedal lights   Dosun J 1 Safety Pedal Lights

As the days get darker sooner, its time to start using night safety gear, and what better than the new Safety Pedal Lights by Dosun. Adding on from the original reflector pedals, the Dosun J-1 Safety Pedal Lights improved by adding lights which are powered by micro generators. One of the cool features is the capacitors that keep the lights blinking 90 seconds after you stop pedaling, and start pedaling to recharge. Available at Dosun for $40.

Source: Urban Velo

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Cannondale Grind Pedals

cannondale grind pedals   Cannondale Grind Pedals

Pedals are an integral part of our everyday cycling; we just can’t go anywhere without them. Regular pedals may get kind of boring, and if you’re the type of person that likes change, then the Cannondale Grind Pedals may be for you. The body of the pedals is made with durable, high-pressure cast alloy. They feature a 9/16″ spindle axle, and they have removable pins that allow for replacement and customizing grip. The Cannondale Grind Pedals weigh 678 grams. You can purchase these at the Cannondale online shop for $79.99….

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