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2012 Octane One Static MTB Pedals

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Octane One Static MTB Pedals

2012 octane one static mtb pedals   2012 Octane One Static MTB Pedals

Octane One has created new mountain bike pedals for 2012 called Static, which are offer at an affordable price and they are light in weight. Light but strong, the low-profile body of the pedals are kitted with removable pins, which enhances the grip quality.

Weighing in at 429g, the Static is incredibly light. Featured by its hardened axle is a 15mm wrench slot and a 6mm M6 socket. The loose ball version has silver pins with 11 pins on each side. These 20mm thick pedals have a 15mm flat wrench slot, 6mm Allen hex socket, and a 95mm x 90mm platform.

Crafted on a first-rate ball bearings, the 2012 Octane One Static MTB Pedals feature a die-cast alloy material that enables it to endure tough rides. Loaded with excellent features, these pedals tackle mud very well and do not muddle easily.

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2012 Crank Brothers 5050 Pedals

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Crank Brothers 5050 Pedals

2012 crank brothers 5050 pedals   2012 Crank Brothers 5050 Pedals

Crank Brothers has released several new cycling products for 2012, which include the 5050 pedals. Across all pedal models, there are consistent parts and clear names with level 1 as brand entry and level 11 as elite. Spindle strength is increased by 50% and all spindles are suitable for all pedals.

While the aesthetics of the 5050 pedals are remarkable, the body construction uses polycarbonate and aluminum and the two-piece platform design is made slimmer to reduce weight and increase durability. Also used are inner bearings and 10mm pins.

All of the 2012 Crank Brothers 5050 Pedals can be fully rebuilt. Instead of bushings, needle bearings are used by the 3 and 11 level pedals. While leak paths are eliminated, sealing of these new flat pedals are significantly enhanced, thanks to its new construction.

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2012 Crank Brothers Mallet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Crank Brothers Mallet

2012 crank brothers mallet   2012 Crank Brothers Mallet

Riders looking for a light pair of eggbeater type of pedals should look no further than the new 2012 Crank Brothers Mallet pedals, which are totally lightweight with a total of 472 grams per pair.

These great looking pedals have forged scm435 spindle chromoly steel with aluminum platforms and carbon steel wings with 300 series stainless steel springs and 88mm set screw traction pins.

The pedals also have a release angle between 15 to 20 degrees with premium brass cleats for high durability with kick plates made of aluminum. Buyers would also get 2 years warranty for every set that they purchase for $140. Definitely a perfect fit for your BMX or MTB.

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2011 Mavic Race SL Ti Pedals

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Mavic Race SL Ti Pedals

2011 mavic race sl ti pedals   2011 Mavic Race SL Ti Pedals

It seems like 2011 is the year when pedals are experiencing a revival and Mavic is out to prove that all is fair in love and war with their 2011 Mavic Race SL Ti Pedal, which clocks in at an astonishing 220g total weight, a definite lightweight champion in racing bike pedals.

The Mavic Race SL pedal is as unique as can be. Equipped with an ultralight titanium spindle, this new pedal is as light as a feather but delivers the exact amount of force from your legs and feet right smack into the bike. Since the spindle was crafted using titanium, there are no weight limits on riders who can use this great pedal.

To make the pedal even lighter, Mavic has incorporated into the Race’s design the absence of wrench flats and instead has opted to use an opening for an 8mm Allen key.

The pedal in itself…

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2011 Speedplay Nanogram Zero Titanium Pedals

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Speedplay Nanogram Zero Titanium Pedals

2011 speedplay nanogram zero titanium pedals   2011 Speedplay Nanogram Zero Titanium Pedals

Riders looking for the next best thing after sometime using the Speedplay zero pedals might be interested in getting the pedals’ younger and cooler brother, the 2011 Speedplay Zero Nanogram Titanium Pedals.

Not only does the Zero Nanogram return with the same quality that made the Speedplay Zero a household name in bike pedals, including the low stack height and the cornering capabilities, it’s got some new tricks of its own. The Nanogram lives up to its name in every sense of the word, sporting an amazing 65g per pedal weight. This might have been the main reason why the world’s number 1 pro team, Team CSC/Saxobank picked up this great looking pedal.

With one glance you might say that nothings has been changed between the new Nanogram and the Speedplay Zero but upon further checking, you’ll find that the wrench flats are absent. This is all thanks to the new…

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Shimano PD-A530 Pedals

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Shimano PD A530 Pedals

shimano pd a530 pedals   Shimano PD A530 Pedals

When you talk about bike pedals, comfort is important. In fact, most riders look for the most comfortable pedals to ensure smoothness and balance on their rides. The Shimano PD-A530 pedals offer just that.

The Shimano PD-A530 pedals enables comfort while riding with and without clips. The material for the axle is made of steel while the housing pedal is made out of aluminum.

The Shimano PD-A530 Pedals approximately weighs at 383 grams and comes in two colors to choose from—black and silver….

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DMR V12 Pedals

pinit fg en rect gray 20   DMR V12 Pedals

dmr v12 pedals   DMR V12 Pedals

DMR or DesignMakeRide started in 1995 with a mission to make products for extreme riding. With the V12 pedals, DMR designed a burly and sturdy pedal that can cater to DH, dirt, 4x and trail riders’ needs.

The V12 has no built-in concave but has sealed bearing on the outside pedal face and plain bearing on the inside. It has 20 replaceable M4x0.7×8 pins, 10 on each side of the pedal.

Made from aluminum with a CroMoly axle, this flat pedal weighs in at 536g and comes in 7 colors (diamond black, ox blood, polished, Irish green, pure white, sky blue and chrome). The DMR V12 pedal is 115mm long, 95mm wide and 25mm high. Retail price is $100.

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