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2012 Nuke Proof Neutron Mountain Bike Pedal

2012 nuke proof neutron mountain bike pedal   2012 Nuke Proof Neutron Mountain Bike Pedal
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One of the most recommended pedals for mountain bike rides is the new Neutron, which has been launched by Nuke Proof for 2012. One pair of these custom CNC-machined, alu/cromo weigh in at 438g, only.

Design with mountain bike rides in mind, the Neutron viagra online canada Today saw a good website offers excellent grip and firmness. Moreover, it spins very smoothly and balances light weight with dependable performance whatever the condition on the trail is.

With a minimal weight added, the 2012 Nuke Proof Neutron Mountain Bike Pedal is engineered to offer maximum fatigue resistance and strength. In order to distribute stress loads from intense shocks, every pedal body is designed to spin on first-rate DU bushings, featuring two sealed cartridge bearings.


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2012 Sampson Stratics SL Carbon Fiber Road Pedal

2012 sampson stratics sl carbon fiber road pedal   2012 Sampson Stratics SL Carbon Fiber Road Pedal

Sampson Sports, a company known for technically advanced framesets based in Denver, has introduced a new carbon fiber road pedal called Stratics SL after a meticulous process of development and testing. This new pedal has several features to pride itself on. There is an optional titanium axle model, too.

The 66mm wide top surface of the pedal comes with a supporting steel plate. Aside from making the platform more durable for the cleats, the plate enhances the pedal’s structural rigidity, as well. Long life is guaranteed by the pedal’s top plate, which is a fully polished stainless steel.

Built from long-strand carbon fibers, the body of the 2012 Sampson Stratics SL Carbon Fiber Road Pedal has lost a considerable amount of weight. Both comfort and power are maximized by the cleats that lay flat, thanks to the No-Rock cleat design of the pedal’s platform.

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2011 Keen Austin Pedal Bike Shoes

2011 keen austin pedal bike shoes   2011 Keen Austin Pedal Bike Shoes

For riders looking for a pair of mountain bike shoes that does not really look like one, the 2011 Keen Austin Pedal Bike Shoes are the perfect item. Combining bike shoe functionality and traditional Oxford styling, the shoes feature a thermoplastic urethane cleat tap and a 3/4-length SPD-compatible plates.

To enhance comfort and moisture control, elastic leather-lined heel pockets and Cambrelle lining in the forefoot are added. Cushioning, rebound and arch support are sufficient, thanks to the custom shaped removable metatomical EVA footbeds.

While they are water and stain resistant, the full-grain leather uppers are made flexible so the mountain bike shoes fit comfortably. Hip styling is added to the 2011 Keen Austin Pedal Bike Shoes by the matching leather accents and contrast stitching around the ankle and eyelets.

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Shimano Deore XT PD-M770 Auto Pedal

shimano deore xt pd m770 auto pedal   Shimano Deore XT PD M770 Auto Pedal

The Shimano Deore XT PD-M770 Auto Pedal is made to last for extreme rides, suitable for mountain biking. This pedal is especially designed to lessen the accumulation of mud while racing. The Shimano Deore XT PD-M770 Auto Pedal was made using high-end technology through the concept of Shimano Pedaling Dynamics system, which improves the power of the pedal as a whole.

The Shimano Deore XT PD-M770 Auto Pedal is built with an adjustable tension with a material axis that is made of chrome-molybdenum steel and aluminum material housing pedals. This pedal is compatible with SM-SH56. Weighing in at 350 grams (pair), the Shimano Deore XT PD-M770 Auto Pedal will give your all-mountain riding a push to the limits. …

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Fyxation Mesa Pedal

fyxation mesa pedal   Fyxation Mesa Pedal

Fyxation is slowly producing other components besides tires and grips, including its first edition pedal called the Mesa.

The Fyxation Mesa Pedal uses a sealed bearing that blocks debris, an impact grade Nylon body, thin profile and will work with foot retention straps.

Freestyle riding to bombing hills, the Mesa Pedal provides a solid platform for any style of riding.

Offered in black, white and red, the Fyxation Mesa will soon be available at Fyxation retailers.

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Brev.M Bullo Pedal

brev m bullo pedal   Brev.M Bullo Pedal

The flat pedal you will usually see on a BMX bike, has been adopted by fixed freestyle culture, this helps to center your foot. Brev.M has launched their new fixed freestyle pedal called Bullo, much like BMX, except the Bullo has slots for you to slide a Velcro strap to keep your foot in place.

The Brev.M Bullo Pedal uses a resin plastic body, while the traction will keep your feet intact, and will not tear up your shins (if slippage occurs). Available in 9/16″ steel pedal spindle and loose ball bearing. Color options are white, black, and glow in the dark. Releasing Fall 2010.

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Shimano PD-A600 Road SPD Pedal

shimano pd a600 road spd pedal   Shimano PD A600 Road SPD Pedal

The newest product under the Shimano Pedaling Dynamics line is the PD-A600. Similar to the PD-A520 model when it comes to lines of design, the PD-A600 provides quality performance for pedaling safely and comfortably.

The pedal is a picture of stability with its stylish design that allows low profile Ultegra level touring. It weighs 286 grams and is ideal for non-competitive road use. It is also compatible with all MTB and Touring SPD shoes.

The PD-A600 also has a single sided cleat mechanism that is used across recent MTB pedal systems. This will allow easy entry or exit. The wide platform of the pedal was designed to facilitate better transference of power when you pedal. The aerodynamics of this would help efficient flow of energy from your shoe on to the pedal.

The pedal is also suitable for sportive and touring cyclists who can take advantage of its specifications that can fit Ultegra…

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