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Hold Fast x Pedal Consumption FRS Pedal Straps

hold fast pedal consumption frs pedal straps   Hold Fast x Pedal Consumption FRS Pedal Straps

When it comes to pedal straps, Hold Fast is one of the best brands on the market. Hold Fast was the first to introduce the FRS (Foot Retention System). Now the brand has come together with Pedal Consumption to release a limited run of FRS straps.

The Hold Fast x Pedal Consumptions FRS straps are constructed of the same sturdy materials as their (Hold Fast) other straps. As you can see, Pedal Consumption “PC” logo is printed while the traditional Hold Fast tab is stitched on the top.

Pedal Consumption is taking pre-orders now, which will ship out from Hold Fast on December 17th 2010. Retail is $56.95.

Available at Pedal Consumption

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Pedal Consumption D-Lux Hip Pouch

pedal consumption d lux hip pouch   Pedal Consumption D Lux Hip Pouch

Pedal Consumption released the D-Lux Hip Pouch. All around waterproof, interior floating liner, and constructed of 1000D Cordura are a few of its highlights.

The Pedal Consumption D-Lux hip pouch features 2 column side pockets, 1 large front pocket, and a holster to place your U-Lock. As the pockets are spacious, adding your keys, wallets and other knickknacks are ideal.

With a custom screen printed PC Logo, the Pedal Consumption D-Lux Hip Pouch comes in black and drab green. Retail price is $48. Purchase at Pedal Consumption.

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Dosh x Pedal Consumption 6 Card Wallet

dosh pedal consumption 6 card wallet   Dosh x Pedal Consumption 6 Card Wallet

Our friends over at Pedal Consumption have collaborated with Dosh, which is known for wallets, for a special edition 6 card wallet. Both Pedal Consumption and Dosh went the simplistic route on the design, something many thrive for, especially when it comes to wallets. Moving on to materials and inspiration, the wallet is made up of Desmopan, a material that is water and chemical resistant. If your current wallet is all bent out of shape, the Dosh x Pedal Consumption 6-card Wallet offers strong recovery, plus the materials combat against tears.

Although the look is overall simple, Pedal Consumption decided to add the World Championship stripes in the corner, giving the wallet a slight appeal for those that enjoy some colors. Lastly, the “PC” logo is stamped on the opposite side. Retail price is $70, and you can purchase now at Dosh.

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