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Eurostar Tri-City-Athlon

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eurostar tri city athlon   Eurostar Tri City AthlonEurostar announced its partnership with the London 2010 Olympics. To celebrate this memorable occasion, it is holding the first-ever Triathlon competition on September 14, 2010 in three cities, dubbed as the Eurostar Tri-City-Athlon. The swimming event will be held in Paris, the bike in Brussels and London hosting the running event.

The swim is a 1.5 km swim in the Bassin de la Villette, the largest artificial lake in Paris. Eurostar will be providing the qualified participants with wet suits and swimming caps.

The participants are required to provide themselves with the following items such as; swimming goggles, towel, bike, helmet, cycling and running shorts, SPD’s/clip in shoes and pedal (OPTIONAL), running shoes, personal nutrition pack or kit bag (OPTIONAL), and a warm top post event wear.

The bike event is 40 km bike race on the area around the King Baudouin I Stadium (formerly Heysel Stadium) some north-west of Brussels. The runners…

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New Bike Route in Paris

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new bike route in paris 300x225   New Bike Route in ParisMayor Bertrand Delanoe of Paris is looking forward to implement changes on the right bank of the River Seine by slowing down the traffic transforming it into a ‘pretty urban boulevard while shutting down the busy 1.2 mile section of the expressway on the left bank by 2012.’

If approved by the city council in July, the $50 million project would give way to a 35 acre of development on the riverside for cafes, sports facilities and floating islands. The closure of the left bank of the expressway will cover the span between the Musee d ‘Orsay and Alma bridge.

Many parts of Paris are closed to vehicular traffic, as is also with sections of the expressway along the Seine every Sunday in line with the ‘Paris Respire’ or ‘Paris Breathes’ program. As Delanoe declared: “It’s about reducing pollution and automobile traffic and giving Parisians more opportunities for happiness.”

Nevertheless, the new policies…

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New Twin Six Speedy Bike Paris Jersey

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new twin six speedy bike club paris jersey 1   New Twin Six Speedy Bike Paris Jersey

Twin Six, and alternative cycling apparel company, has just released their new Speedy Bike Club (SBC) Paris jersey. The SBC jersey is made of 100% soft polyester microfiber with a 16″ hidden zip. It has three rear pockets to store odds and ends. The New Twin Six Speedy Bike Paris Jersey is made in the United States, and retails for $75 in sizes small through XXXL. Purchase it at Twin Six.

New Twin Six Speedy Bike Paris Jersey…

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