pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Canyon Prestige Waterproof Cycle Pannier

2011 canyon prestige waterproof cycle pannier   2011 Canyon Prestige Waterproof Cycle Pannier

One stylish waterproof cycle pannier released this 2011 is the Canyon Prestige. Made with a rubberized pannier fabric, the Canyon Prestige features sturdy construction with welded seams. Along with the roll-top closure are two straps to optimize comfort.

Adding to the good parts of the pannier are the detachable carry straps and thick rubber grab handles. On the other hand, though the pannier is aesthetically good, it has some downsides. Unlike most panniers, the Canyon Prestige does not have any inner or outer pockets, organizer pouches or internal dividers.

All in all, the 2011 Canyon Prestige Waterproof Cycle Pannier is still a decent bag. However, when it comes to fittings, the hooks of the pannier are not of top quality. With its cheap fittings and lack of pockets, this pannier cannot stand out as compared to other brands of the same price.

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