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2011 Cervelo P4 Road Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Cervelo P4 Road Bike

2011 cervelo p4 road bike   2011 Cervelo P4 Road Bike

One advanced time trial and triathlon machine this 2011 is the Cervelo P4 Road Bike. This highly performing bike is designed with serious triathletes in mind. With the same fit, geometry, handling, and stiffness the Carvelo P3 has, the revamped P4 is even made faster.

Included in its design philosophy is an excellent attention to detail. Some UCI technical restrictions are challenged while drag of key components are decreased by the integration of drink carrier to the functioning aerodynamic bike.

Extremely aerodynamic, the 2011 Cervelo P4 Road Bike guarantees light weight and speed that professional racers need. A comfortable, smooth, and swift ride are offered by the Cervelo P4 FK25 carbon frame that features a Smartwall Carbon fork, deep front wheel, and rear disc wheel.

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2011 Cervelo P4 Time Trial / Tri Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Cervelo P4 Time Trial / Tri Bike

2011 cervelo p4 bike   2011 Cervelo P4 Time Trial / Tri Bike

A Part of the Cervelo P-series, the 2011 Cervelo P4 bike has 25 upgrades. It is the world’s first fully-integrated aero triathlon tri bike.

Built with Cervelo FK25 frameset and Cervelo Aero TT seatpost, the P4 bike is made for faster and more comfortable racing. sample essay Its Aerodynamic design was implemented to reduce drag resistance and increase speed at the same time. In SRAM 900 TT components and Shimano RS30 wheels, the 2011 Cervelo P4 bike is made with better handling and stiffness characteristics.

The P4 bike features an all-carbon fiber frame that provides maximum stability on curves and on 100kmh speeds without altering the weight and stiffness. The rear brake is hidden behind the bottom bracket instead of being positioned above or below the chainstays, adding to the P4 aerodynamics. Providing exactly the same power as Shimano Dura-Ace brakes, the carbon brake booster is 30%…

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