pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 howies Outsider Short

2011 howies outsider short   2011 howies Outsider Short

For riders who are looking for a short that keeps them dry while on a wet commute, the 2011 howies Outsider Short is the perfect garment. Jeans-style front pockets ending in the shaped back yoke seam are featured in this regular fit shorts.

Manufactured from Epic cotton, the showerproof fabric used in the howies Outsider is breathable as well. This short has a lot of features to take pride in, which guarantee reliable comfort during tough rides.

When riding, comfort is optimized by the short’s paneled gusset, reinforced seat panel, and shaped outer seat panel with button waistband and fly. Aside from keeping the riders dry, the fabric of the 2011 howies Outsider Short feels great on the skin.

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