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Outlier Blazed Cotton Pivot Shirt

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Outlier Blazed Cotton Pivot Shirt

outlier blazed cotton pivot shirt   Outlier Blazed Cotton Pivot Shirt

For 2012, Outlier has launched a new garment for outdoorsy men called the Blazed Cotton Pivot Shirt. With its highly functional features, this shirt can tackle the demands of sporty activities, such as intense or all-day cycling.

Sweat and dirt when cycling can be easily repelled by Outlier’s custom-made Blazed Cotton shirting fabric. The shirt also has a patent-pending Pivot Sleeve, which offers cyclists freedom of movement.

While it is originally tailored for everyday cycling, the Blazed Cotton Pivot Shirt can tackle almost all daily situations, thanks to its hydrophobic and highly breathable fabric that features openpoint oxford and a Nano-Tex treatment.

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Outlier for Women, The Daily Riding Pant

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Outlier for Women, The Daily Riding Pant

outlier for women the daily riding pant1   Outlier for Women, The Daily Riding Pant

Since the release of it men’s trousers, women have wanted their own stylish bike suited pants from the New York based bicycle clothing company, OUTLIER. After extensive research, OUTLIER has put together the Daily Riding Pant for female city cyclist. Through its sleek design, this pants are said to be suitable both on and off the saddle. Its stretchy soft fabric, termed 4Season by the cycling outfitter, is made to withstand unfavorable weather conditions. Though not waterproof, the pants repel water to a certain degree and dry fast. The pants are available in two colors, Salate Blue and Black. With an ecological approach for doing business, OUTLIERS cycling pants for women continues its trend for growing an enterprise that conserves the environment.

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