pinit fg en rect gray 20   Opel Boomerang Bike, AKA The Rad e

opel boomerang bike aka the rad e   Opel Boomerang Bike, AKA The Rad e

Automaker Opel brings us an innovative eBike of its own, namely the Opel Boomerang Bike or The Rad e.

The bike is constructed much like a car, as its frame uses hollow pressed-steel that is strong and flexible. The Rad e features a 250 Watt electric motor, which uses a lithium-ion battery to help you get from point A to B.

As far as asthmatics goes, the Opel’s eBike was designed with a boomerang shape for a frame, hence the name. Its smooth body lines reesk of innovation, placing this eBike in a class of it’s own.

Check out more images and sketches of the Opel Boomerang Bike, AKA The Rad e, after the fold.

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