pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 One Ghost Ronin Carbon Hardtail

2011 one ghost ronin carbon hardtail 1024x685   2011 One Ghost Ronin Carbon Hardtail

One Ghost has revealed more images for their upcoming carbon hardtail bike dubbed the 2011 One Ghost Ronin Carbon Hardtail. This new bike, which ships in March, has a name that sounds so cool – Masterless Samurai in Japanese.

The Ronin has a monocoque BB30 frame that can easily accept an adapter for singlespeed users. The frame also features a tapered head tube as well as an internal cable routing. The Ronin also comes with a full carbon fork but is sadly limited at the moment to just six pieces up for grabs.

One Ghost has boasted that the new carbon hardtail bike can definitely become a champion for such events as ultimate endurance XC, short track ripper and XC race. The full carbon frame will cost you $1,099 while the full frame and carbon fork setup will be priced at $1,499.

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