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On-One 456 Summer Season Glow in the Dark Frame

on one 456 summer season glow dark frame   On One 456 Summer Season Glow in the Dark Frame

After images leaked of the On-One 456 Summer Season in a “Glow in the Dark” finish, people asked where they could get one. Unfortunately at the time, the glow in the dark 456 Summer Season was not available.

On-One has recently released the 456 Summer Season frame and Complete with the glow in the dark paint. Coming soon are rims, pedals and other components with the same glow.

During the day, the 456 Summer Season looks like your normal frame, but at night it really shines bright. The Summer Season will need to soak up sunlight to glow, however. At night, the frame glows for roughly two hours. The life of the glow is about 6 months.

The Glow in the Dark Summer Season is a limited release, and holds the same retail price of the other 456 Summer Frames ($231.42).

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2011 On-One Titanium XC 29er

2011 on one titanium xc 29er   2011 On One Titanium XC 29er

The Titatnium XC 29er from On-One debuts with features like “Swapouts” and a 3-2, 5 titanium frame. The “Swapouts” are options so you can make a switch from singlespeed to geared. It also has a strong sloping top tube and uses a 73mm bottom bracket shell.

The 29er bike comes in short or long travel. The long travel fork measures 120mm. A large bottom bearing and tapered headtube delivers less headset flex.

Additional details on the ti bike are On-One segmented seat stays, tire clearance for 2.2″x29 inch tires, tubeless and tubeless ready carbon rims from On-One. It also has 1 1/8” headset and ISCG05 chainguide mounting.

The chainstay length is 444mm and the ti 29er bike will come in 4 sizes. Since On-One aims for performance and value, the titanium XC 29er retails at around $1289. It will be available in April 2011….

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On-One Carbon Mountain Bike Frame 2010

on one carbon mountain bike frame 2010   On One Carbon Mountain Bike Frame 2010

On-One is known throughout the mountain biking industry for their steel and titanium frames, but the company just dropped the bomb that in 2010 they will have their first carbon fiber frame. The On-One Carbon Mountain Bike Frame for 2010 has been in the works for the past 6 months, and helping on the project is the leading carbon bike designer, the “person” that will only take pictures with a brown box on his head. The first frame to receive carbon treatment is the 456, an ideal mountain bike for UK conditions, and the first sample will arrive in December 100% built from the ground up.

Source: On-One

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