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2012 SE 26? OM Flyer BMX Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 SE 26? OM Flyer BMX Bike

2012 se 26? om flyer bmx bike   2012 SE 26? OM Flyer BMX Bike

For 2012, SE Bikes has completely chromed out the 26? BMX bike named OM Flyer. Aside from its unique style, this popular BMX bike takes pride in its well-known tubing and geometry, distinct SE hubs, and A?ME Cam grips. Its X-Pedo low profile platform pedals come with removable pins.

Featured by the OM Flyer frame are Retro dropouts, Looptail rear end, and 100% Cr-Mo tubing. Not only is this BMX bike entirely designed with a spanking new glossy finish, the bike include a 100% Cr-Mo Landing Gear fork and Bubble Mohawk hubs.
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Aside from being one of the few chrome bikes out there, the 2012 SE 26? OM Flyer BMX Bike is also one of the most coveted machines on the BMX market today. Included in the list of impressive specs of this 13.18kg BMX bike are KMC Z33, Tektro brakes, and alloy…

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SE 26″ OM Flyer 2010 BMX

pinit fg en rect gray 20   SE 26 OM Flyer 2010 BMX

se 26 om flyer 2010 bmx   SE 26 OM Flyer 2010 BMX

Claimed to be one of the biggest head turners of SE’s line, the 2010 26” OM Flyer BMX is wrapped with 100 dollar bills on the frame, fork, and bars. This is a retro bike that was first created in the 1980’s and SE brought the frame back. It features a looptail rear end, fluted seat post, landing gear forks, and, new for 2010, are the 2 piece grips, similar to the old Oakley B1B grips, that allow you to perfectly match to your 2-toned bike. It has a 48-spline crank set and X-Pedo pedals. At a weight of 27.2 lbs, the mantra for the bike is as followed, “Green is for the money and the gold is for the hunnies.” MSRP: $800.

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