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A Look at the 2012 Summer Olympic Velodrome in London

a look at the 2012 summer olympic velodrome in london   A Look at the 2012 Summer Olympic Velodrome in London

Built to accommodate 6,000 cycling fans, the 2012 Summer Olympic velodrome in London is ready for action.

The architecture was handled by Hopkins Architects, who got the job done on time within its budget. The company designed the velodrome with a green mind. Its ability to reuse rainwater and make the best of natural light is a key feature of it roof design.

As one of the first structures to be completed for this year’s Olympic games, the velodrome is already being used. And with every bit of news leading up to the big day, we’re growing more excited.

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2012 London Olympic Mountain Bike Venue

2012 london olympic mountain bike venue   2012 London Olympic Mountain Bike Venue

As host for the 2012 Olympics, London is right on track with the new venue for mountain biking. Located in Hadleigh Farm, Essex, the site encompasses 550 acres of rough terrain, hilly trails and challenging routes. Normally, mountain biking runs in forested areas. This is a first to have it run on an open hillside. Possible factors for this decision could be visibility; spectators can now view a large part of the course from several locations.

A test event will be conducted sometime in the middle of 2011. The venue will be tested on some key features already in place. The race will be on August 11-12, 2012. There are 50 contenders for the two gold medals up for grabs. The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) partners with the Essex County Council to finish the construction of the venue that began last July.

The competition…

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Rui Costa Awarded Portuguese Grant for 2012 Olympics

rui costa awarded portuguese grant for 2012 olympics   Rui Costa Awarded Portuguese Grant for 2012 Olympics

The Portuguese government has announced the names of 82 men and women out of 16 sports who will receive grants for the 2012 London Olympic Games. Of those recipients is 23-year-old Rui Costa, who rides for Spain’s Caisse d’Espargne. Costa is the only cyclist who has been selected to receive a grant for the games. Riding for Portugal’s Benfica team, Costa turned pro back in 2007 and remained with the team throughout 2008. He made his ProTour debut with Caisse d’Espargne in 2009, winning the four Jours de Dunkerque, the GP Credito Agricola, a stage at the Vuelta a Chihuahua, and the Vuelta a Chihuahua’s mountain classification….

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