pinit fg en rect gray 20   Ogio Road Trip Bag

ogio road trip bag   Ogio Road Trip Bag

Styled as a cycling specific shoulder bag for women, the Ogio Road Trip Bag is an exquisite messenger bag that goes along very well with stylish women bikes. Women riders have a lot of color options, including aqua, black, buttercream, and navy.

Included in the varied pockets of the bag is a quite mysterious pocket. There is a small ‘no men’ symbol on the pocket. The main compartment is zipped, lightly padded and is large enough to steadily accommodate most laptops that are around 15 inches.

A greatly designed courier bag, the Ogio Road Trip Bag features a feminine edge and refined proportions. With a strap that curves around to sit across the chest, the bag hangs across the lumbar area of the rider’s back. Its only setback is its lack of stability on the back that makes it not very practical.

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