2011 officine firenze milani wooden bike handlebars   2011 Officine Firenze Milani Wooden Bike Handlebars

Officine Firenze Milani has created exquisitely designed wooden bike handlebars for 2011. Individually selected materials were used in order to come up with wooden handlebars of the highest caliber on the market.

The wonderful design of the handlebars are achieved by the semi-gloss finish, the natural grain of every teak, as well as mahogany, walnut, and ash layer. Without sacrificing comfort, structural reinforcement and a fine industrial accent are offered by its bisection of aluminum but gloves may be required by longer rides.

Made in Italy, the 2011 Officine Firenze Milani Wooden Bike Handlebars are inspired by the elegant vintage bikes that tour the streets of Florence. Each design features different personalities. This can be the ultimate accent any bike can ever have.

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