pinit fg en rect gray 20   Nubrella: Better Hands Free Umbrella Coverage

nubrella better hands free umbrella coverage1   Nubrella: Better Hands Free Umbrella Coverage

Nubrella Inc. is the manufacturer of a hands-free umbrella that promises its users a dryer experience in unfavorable weather conditions. The bubble shaped umbrella allows business to continue. Tasks such as carrying groceries, cellphone usage, commuting by bicycle, etc. are made possible with Nubrella.

The design of Nubrella’s new-age umbrella keeps it from inverting in windy environments. The absence of pointy poles that make up the traditional umbrella deems the Nubrella a safer weather guard.

The lightweight Nubrella breaks down into an over the shoulder carrying case. It comes in all clear ($39.99) and clear/black ($45.00).

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