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2012 NS Bikes Soda FR1 Suspension Bike

2012 ns bikes soda fr1 suspension bike   2012 NS Bikes Soda FR1 Suspension Bike

Designed with the modern rider in mind, the Soda FR1 is a new exciting suspension bike released by NS Bikes for 2012. For those who are fond of tackling freeride tracks, forests, trails, forest, and north shores, this bike makes an ideal partner.

The Soda FR1 is a do-it-all full suspension bike that is built around a new 100% AM frame available in two sizes. Aside from its 152-177mm adjustable rear wheel travel, the frame also features a Marzocchi Roco R coil shock that has a piggyback and dropouts that has an adjustable CS length.

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With excellent adjustability, the 2012 NS Bikes Soda FR1 Suspension Bike is the ideal machine for real freeriders. Options allow riders to either ride a long rear triangle with 180mm travel or short rear triangle with 160mm, allowing the bike to tackle dirt, tricks, and slopestyle equally well.

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2012 NS Bikes Majesty Park Frame

2012 ns bikes majesty park frame   2012 NS Bikes Majesty Park Frame

Both in aesthetics and performance, the 2012 NS Bikes Majesty Park Frame can be easily recognized. A simple classic look combined with exquisite graphics makes the frame stand out at the track while its success in top-notch dirt events makes it internationally known.

With offset multi-butting, a completely high-end tube set is utilized in the making of this 2.15 kg frame. After finishing the welding, the frame underwent a rare full heat treatment process. Through this innovative technology, the Majesty Park becomes an outstandingly light and strong dirt jumping frame.

To maximize strength and save weight, the special oval CNC head tube is made thinner in the front and thicker in the back. Protecting it from corrosion is its weightless thin layer covering inside and outside. Also, CNC cuttings are added to make its classic NS micro dropouts small, strong, and great-looking.

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2012 NS Bikes Majesty Dirt Frame

2012 ns bikes majesty dirt frame   2012 NS Bikes Majesty Dirt Frame

NS Bikes has created high-quality frames for 2012, one of which is the Majesty Dirt. Weighing in at only 2.15 kg, this frame is incredibly lightweight. On the other hand, the frame still offers a reliable strength. With higher forks that have up to 140mm of travel, the performance of the frame is even better.

While it is similar to that of the previous model, the geometry of the new Majesty Dirt comes with a bottom bracket that is a little bit lower. Through this, the frame is more stable both on slope-style courses and on high-speed dirt tracks.

As the signature ride of Martin Söderström, the 2012 NS Bikes Majesty Dirt Frame is definitely the mountain bike machine to trust. Since the frame features a standard threaded BB shell, mountain bike riders can easily fit it with their aluminum cranks.

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2012 NS Bikes Suburban Dirt Frame

2012 ns bikes suburban dirt frame   2012 NS Bikes Suburban Dirt Frame

Constructed with serious mountain bike hardtail riders in mind, the new frame called Suburban Dirt is one of the best offers of NS Bikes for 2012. Weighing in at 2.49 kg, this high-quality and beautiful frame features 381 mm/15” slammed chain stays and a 574 mm/22.6” top tube.

Similar to its previous Suburban 26model, the new Suburban Dirt will be available in two versions, which are specifically adjusted for 26in and 24in wheels. Through the enhanced tire clearance in the 24in model, it is easier to run the new trend 26in wheels in the frame.

As an all-time classic, the 2012 NS Bikes Suburban Dirt Frame combines exquisite aesthetics and a tested quality. For both 26in and 24in sizes, the frame has an integrated headset standard. Its colors, logos, and the shape of its seatstays bridges are all new as well.

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2011 NS Bikes Core 1 Bike

2011 ns bikes core 1 bike   2011 NS Bikes Core 1 Bike

A true freeride hardtail, the NS Bikes Core 1 Bike has been altered for 2011. The major changes include new geometry with a lower center of gravity and a shorter rear triangle, Octane One 20mm front hub with sealed bearings, and Marzocchi 55RS Fork with 160mm travel.

Also included in the main changes are the Black spokes and DT Swiss nipples and Octane One saddle. Available in two sizes, the 2011 Core features low profile NS Aerial pedals, light 60tpi tires, strong NS Fundamental rims, and NS Martin Söderström Slim grips without flanges.

While the 2011 NS Bikes Core 1 Bike will be stable on big airs and at high speed, riders can use the bike for comfortable commutes. From big drops and jumps to long climbs and winding singletracks, this bike will ride very well on any kind of tricky terrain.

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2011 NS Bikes Metropolis 1

2011 ns bikes metropolis 1 1024x646   2011 NS Bikes Metropolis 1

NS Bikes returns to the fold once more with its newly upgraded 2011 NS Bikes Metropolis 1 mountain bike.

NS has made some significant changes to the 2011 Metropolis, which includes a new hub in the form of an Octane One sealed front hub with 20mm while the rear has an Octane One sealed rear single speed pro hub equipped with a 11t driver. The previous crankset has also been improved as the bike is now sporting a high-end and light crankset from Salt Plus.

The spokes for the Metropolis have been changed and are black spokes with DT nipples. The bike frame itself has been fitted with an integrated seatpost clamp and gives more clearance for thicker tires.

The bike fork is a Marzocchi Dirt Jumper 1 with 100 mm travel capabilities and a 20mm axle with an alloy steer tube. The pedals are still the standard…

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2011 NS Bikes Analog

2011 ns bikes analog   2011 NS Bikes Analog

NS Bikes improved its Analog model for 2011 with a few modifications based on customer feedback. The new Analog promises that it will handle better than the 2010 model with its raised bottom bracket and revised geometry.

To improve the standover, NS Bikes lowered the top tube and increased the length of the dropouts, making it a bit longer and with added machining. The 2011 Analog also has an integrated seat clamp, shorter chainstays and a modified fork.

The Analog fork comes in lighter with 5mm thick dropouts and 410mm axle to crown. It has machining on the steer tube, better dropout interface and a powder coated paint job.

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