pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Norco Truax Bike

2012 norco truax bike   2012 Norco Truax Bike

The 2012 Norco Truax is a 7-inch travel free ride oriented bike ideal for an everyday ride. Cyclists who love to pedal up to the trailhead will love this versatile bike, which is designed for a ride to the top of the mountain before descending.

Making the 2012 Norco Truax bike versatile are the seven inches of travel and a slack head tube angle. With its versatility and speed, the 2012 Norco Truax can effectively tackle steep descents, jumps, shore or parks.

To enhance its lightweight, stiff and strong features, the 2012 Norco Truax bike makes use of a one-piece link. To promote an excellent bike structure, the brand Norco also uses 12 x 142 mm rear axle sizing, the Syntace X12 design and a full-length seat tube.

In the front of the 2012 Norco Truax bike is a big tapered head tube. Its geometry is in the middle of full-on…

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