pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Moda Nocturne Compact Road Bike

2012 moda nocturne compact road bike   2012 Moda Nocturne Compact Road Bike

Moda Bicycles has expanded its bike range for 2012, and one of the newest models is the compact road bike called Nocturne. A smooth and hassle-free ride is guaranteed by this road bike’s American Classic Victory wheelset and Kenda Kaliente Iron Cloak 23c tires.

Built with an LDT butted titanium frame and an LDC high modulus carbon fork, the Nocturne is undoubtedly a first-class road machine. This titanium tourer comes with pannier casino online rack eyes and color-matched mudguards so it can be transformed into a full-on endurance machine.

For those who are fond of touring, racing, and winter training, the 2012 Moda Nocturne Compact Road Bike is a perfect companion. Its major features include its Barelli alloy saddle and handlebars, as well as its Barelli carbon seat post.

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