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Lance Armstrong Nissan Leaf Commercial

Lance Armstrong posted on his Twitter about his starring role in the new commercial for the Nissan Leaf, a new 100% electric car that does not have a tail pipe. The commercial is called “20 Years Behind”, due to Lance Armstrong racing behind different cars and other forms of gas powered transportation. It is also said that Armstrong will be the first owner of the Nissan Leaf.

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Team RadioShack Nissan Qashqai 2, European Peloton Car

team radioshack nissan qashqai 2 european peloton car   Team RadioShack Nissan Qashqai 2, European Peloton Car

Here is one of the many cars you will see Team RadioShack riding around in, the Nissan Qashqai 2, which is the teams European Peloton car. Resembling the United States Nissan Rogue, as you can see the Team RadioShack Nissan Qashqai 2 sports the team colors, big Radio Shack decals including one that reads “The Shack”, plus all the other companies on board like Nike, Livestrong and Trek. First debuting in Europe this season.

Source: BikeRumor

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Nissan to Sponsor RadioShack Pro Cycling Team

nissan to sponsor radioshack pro cycling team   Nissan to Sponsor RadioShack Pro Cycling TeamToday Nissan North America, Inc. announced its future with seven time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong and his team, Team RadioShack. The sponsorship will involve the use of various Nissan products by RadioShack riders, including one of Nissan’s vehicles as the team’s official team car. Nothing has been said regarding the model Team RadioShack will be supplied with at this point. Speculators have been pointing to the Nissan Murano, however.

Nissan’s involvement with Team RadioShack will be seen in such races as Tour of California, Tour of Missouri, and Tour de France, to name a few, earning Nissan good exposure to the cycling community….

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