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2012 Niner Bikes AIR 9 Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Niner Bikes AIR 9 Bike

2012 niner bikes air 9 bike 2   2012 Niner Bikes AIR 9 Bike

Niner Bikes has unveiled two newly redesigned bikes for 2012, one of which is the AIR 9. The major change seen in the bike is its hydroformed tubes all over. Instead of Scandium, the bike uses a new alloy based on the 6000 series, which gives the AIR 9 a lot of benefits.

By using hydroformed tubes, Niner was able to achieve more intricate shapes and butting. This means more freedom in designing, or a better design. The strength and stiffness of the bike’s frame are increased while reducing its weight. With Scandium, these excellent features cannot be achieved.

With a lightweight and flexible frame, the 2012 Niner Bikes AIR 9 Bike guarantees an excellent ride quality. Speed is also enhanced making the bike an ideal machine for races. Included in the latest details of the bike are the PressFit 30 bottom bracket and the tapered steer tube…

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2012 Niner Bikes EMD 9 Entry-level 29er Hardtail Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Niner Bikes EMD 9 Entry level 29er Hardtail Bike

2012 niner bikes emd 9 entry level 29er hardtail bike   2012 Niner Bikes EMD 9 Entry level 29er Hardtail Bike

Niner Bikes, the big-wheeled specialist, has updated two of their frames for 2012, which are the Air9 and the EMD9. The latter, which is the entry-level 29er hardtail bike of Niner Bikes, has been redesigned with a stiffer frame compared to the old model.

Combined to enhance the stiffness of the EMD9 frame are a custom hydroformed tubeset, reshaped downtube and tapered head tube with an internal zero stack headset. Adding a bigger diameter toptube, there is a hydroformed downtube rather than a whole frame of hydroformed tubes.

Updated with a black anodized option, the 2012 Niner Bikes EMD 9 Entry-level 29er Hardtail Bike is perfect for cyclists who want the roughest and most lightweight finish. For riders swapping parts from the previous frames, the traditional European type bottom bracket is maintained. …

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2011 Niner W.F.O.9

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Niner W.F.O.9

2011 niner w f o 9   2011 Niner W.F.O.9

Niner ushers in the first tapered headtube on a 29er with the 2011 W.F.O.9. Wide Full Open comes with a 5.5″ CVA suspension (Constantly Varying Arc), hydroformed tubing and options of 135 or 150mm rear spacing.

The CVA suspension design is to accomplish a bike that has a wheel dialed in on the different arcs it runs with, making it pedal neutral as well as brake neutral. The Niner W.F. O.9 keeps its gear in tune with each other so as not to affect the performance of the suspension.

The downtube’s S-bend gives way to an ISCG mount that makes the W.F.O.9 Hammerschmidt compatible. As for the shock, it is coil or piggyback compatible.

The 2011 W.F. O.9 has two options for build kits. A Shimano XT kit has a MSRP of $2678 while the SLX is priced at $2299. The frame retails for $1899 (135mm) and $2099 (150mm).

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Niner Carbon Fork

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Niner Carbon Fork

niner carbon fork   Niner Carbon Fork

Garnering a Eurobike 2010 Award for advance design features, the Niner Carbon Rigid Fork aims to exceed any of your expectations when it comes to performance. Passing CEN standards for strength, reliability and safety, the carbon fork also has a monocoque construction that highlights a single mold fork. The construction of the fork as a one-piece full carbon only includes tiny metal blades bonded on the dropouts for protection and threaded inserts on the sic mount.

The Carbon Rigid Fork measures 470mm in axle to crown length and 47mm offset. It can fit up to 185mm rotors. Lightweight at 565 grams, the carbon fork is available in 10 colors: Vana white, atomic blue, hot tamale, Kermit green, tang, nude carbon, Godzilla green, moondust grey, solid gold, and A&W rootbeer.

The Niner Carbon Rigid Fork comes in 1 1/8 option or tapered. It boasts of a no rider weight limit and also…

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George Bush Riding a Niner Jet 9 Mountain Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   George Bush Riding a Niner Jet 9 Mountain Bike

george bush riding niner jet 9 mountain bike   George Bush Riding a Niner Jet 9 Mountain Bike

We won’t get into politics here (leave that for the comment section), but it has came to our attention that ex-president George Bush was interested in purchasing a new mountain bike, and that is when the co founders of Niner Bikes Steve Domahidy and Chris Sugai met up with Bush to introduce the Jet 9 29er.

Before Chris and Steve met with George Bush in Kennebunkport, Maine, he had never ridden a 29er. After taking the bike for a spin including Peloton One (Bush’s cycling buddies), and secret service men. In the end, Bush knocked 3 minutes off his overall time.

In the end, it seemed that everyone had a good time, but what was left out was, did he purchase the Niner Jet 9?

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Niner Bikes Bicycle Frame Recall

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Niner Bikes Bicycle Frame Recall

niner bikes bicycle frame recall 300x202   Niner Bikes Bicycle Frame RecallNiner Bikes of North Hollywood, California, in cooperation of the U.S. Consuper Product Safety Commission (CPSC), announced a recall for about 750 bicycle frames. It was found that there were substandard welding on the frames and this causes them to crack along the welds of the front triangle of the bicycle. Such incident is hazardous for the rider since you can lose control of the bicycle and crash.

Currently, there are no reports of any injury due to the bicycle frame although Niner Bikes already received 53 cases wherein there are cracks along the welds once the bicycle is used. The recalled bicycle frames will include all Jet 9 models with serial numbers P8001682 to P9400454. The frame comes in colors of green, black and white. Made from 6000 series aluminum, it is a full suspension model with “Jet 9” and “Niner” painted on it.

These bicycle frames were sold from…

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Niner’s You Are What You Drink (Y.A.W.Y.D.) Top Cap

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Niners You Are What You Drink (Y.A.W.Y.D.) Top Cap

niners you are what you drink Y A W Y D top cap   Niners You Are What You Drink (Y.A.W.Y.D.) Top Cap

The bike company Niner, which was founded by two guys through talks over drinks, has a product in store that allows riders to personalize their bike after they drink with bottle caps. The idea came from one of Niner’s founders, Steve Domahidy. The product is simply a top cap sized to hold a bottle cap for style points. You can purchase You Are What You Drink Top Cap through Niner’s online store for $12.99.

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