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Nike Air Zoom Tiempo LIVESTRONG Austin Texas

nike air zoom tiempo livestrong austin texas   Nike Air Zoom Tiempo LIVESTRONG Austin Texas

Nike is back at it with Lance Armstrong on the iconic Air Zoom Tiemp to celebrate his hometown of Austin Texas. Furthermore, the shoes give credit to all cyclists resigning in the Austin area, and widely famous bike store Mellow Johnny’s. Specific designs on the shoe are taken from the “bike art” that helped raise money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Available to the general public on October 24th 2009 at Nike Sportswear at 21 Mercer and Mellow Johnny’s. All proceeds will go to LIVESTRONG.

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Nike Air Zoom Tiempo Re-Release: A Part of the LIVESTRONG Collection

nike air tiempo a part of the livestrong collection   Nike Air Zoom Tiempo Re Release: A Part of the LIVESTRONG Collection

The Nike Air Zoom Tiempo, originally designed for soccer and now part of the LIVESTRONG collection, has just been revamped for the inner city cyclist some time ago and has re-released yesterday. A total of eight riders helped Nike transform the soccer shoe into a shoe tailored especially for the urban cyclist. Each color way corresponds to the hometown of its influential rider. The eight riders consisted of Kyle Demers from New York City, Jupiter Desphy from Los Angeles, Superted from London, Takaharu Okada from Tokyo, Yorgo Tloupas from Paris, Henrik Kuerschner from Berlin, Massan from San Francisco, and Lance Armstrong coming out of Austin. Together they re-designed the sneaker with a stiffer sole, which makes for an easier pedaling experience.

Starting from the far left we have London, followed by Tokyo, New York, and Los Angeles.

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Nike Lance Armstrong LS Lunar Glide & LS Lunar Fly

nike lance armstrong ls lunar glide ls lunar fly   Nike Lance Armstrong LS Lunar Glide & LS Lunar Fly

After the success Lance Armstrong conquered with Nike not long ago, they are back at it again with two Nike sneakers. The first Lance Armstrong to release is the LS Lunar Glide, available to the public Holiday 2009 season, and the second is the Nike LS Lunar Fly will hit retailers Summer 2010. As of now, msrp is not available. Hopefully we see Lance wearing both on his Trek.

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