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Nike Livestrong Spring 2011 Shoes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Nike Livestrong Spring 2011 Shoes

Lance Armstrong and Nike have showcased the Spring 2011 Livestrong shoe collection. Giving us an early look, Nike and Livestrong decided to use a video instead of traditional images.

The Nike Livestrong Spring 2011 sneaker collection has a lot to offer runners and cross training enthusiasts. Mostly men models, a small presence of womens sneakers are available.

For men we have the Nike Air Max+ LAF, Lunarhaze+ LAF, Lunarfly+ 2 (two colors available; yellow/black-white and blue/grey-yellow), and Trainer 1.2 Low LAF. Women releases are the Air Max+ LAF, Air Lunarhaze+, Air Lunarhaze+ 2 LAF (two colors available; black/silver yellow and green/silver-yellow), and the Free Hypertr II LAF.

Specific release dates and retail prices will be announced soon.

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Garrett Reynolds + RZA Nike 6.0 Commercial

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Garrett Reynolds + RZA Nike 6.0 Commercial

Garrett Reynolds and hip hop artist turned actor The Rza star in a new commercial for the Nike 6.0 line. Dubbed “Remix”, RZA is doing most of the talking while Garret tears it up. RZA and his crew are making music in one scene, while Reynolds is riding street. Funny part is the RZA mimicking playing the drums, while banging on a BMX.

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Nike Livestrong Chalkbot Prints Messages at Tour de France

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Nike Livestrong Chalkbot Prints Messages at Tour de France

Nike collaborates with Livestrong Foundation on the creation of Chalkbot, a new innovation on leaving messages on the road during the Tour de France 2010. Chalkbot began last year and was widely received by a large number of people worldwide.

“Chalkbot gained over 4,000 followers on Twitter, received over 36,000 messages and printed thousands of them over 13 stages of the Tour de France while driving several thousand miles during the 25-day event,” from Livestrong.

This year, Chalkbot returns, ready to receive any message you want to send out to the riders, to the people watching the tour, to the entire world. The short message can even be for your family or loved ones with cancer or have survived it.

From its website at, you can compose the message you want the Chalkbot to write for you on the roads at the Tour de France….

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Nike Sweet Classic Low Livestrong

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Nike Sweet Classic Low Livestrong

nike sweet classic low livestrong   Nike Sweet Classic Low Livestrong

Yet another Nike has released in collaboration with Livestrong, just in time for the summer. The model is the Sweet Classic Low. The Nike Sweet Classic Low Livestrong uses a dark grey canvas upper, black Nike swoosh, LIVESTRONG logo on the tongue, and rubber yellow toe cap.

What is not traditional seen on Nike x Livestrong sneakers is bicycles, but the Sweet Classic Low has exactly that printed all over the sole in black on a white background. Available now at Finishline for $57.99.

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Tied Together Fixie

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Tied Together Fixie

tied together fixie 1 300x199   Tied Together Fixie

Nike and joined forces to create the charity project Tied Together. The project was in response to the alarming AIDS/HIV global crisis. The participating cities in this project were New York, London, Milan, Berlin and Paris.

Teams of 10 were created in each city to map the route for the relay. Participants raced via running, skateboarding and cycling for an hour. The 24-hour relay race was to generate awareness and aid for AIDS/HIV, starting in Africa.

For this event, Nike went all out and issued invitations to designers and artists to showcase their works. Tokyo Fixed Gear was invited to build a bike for the Tied Together show. The result was a design based on the manga, Akira with the frame built by Feather Cycles.

The Tokyo Fixed Gear staff also took part by racing through rains at 2 a.m. together with Bycaboy and the Wilson Brothers,…

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Nike78 Waffle Racers SPD

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Nike78 Waffle Racers SPD

nike78 waffle racers spd 300x200   Nike78 Waffle Racers SPD

78 creatives answers the call of riders who are looking for a pair of cycling cleats without the cycling cleat look. The result is a pair of Nike78 Waffle Racers SPDs.

It was Dan Mather, a graphics designer, who came up with this innovative idea, which involved merging his Nike Waffle Racers with his cycling cleats. Mather began designing his hybrid shoe after realizing how limited he was with his cycling specific cleats while off the saddle.

Unlike regular cycling shoes that have cleats exposed, the Nike78 SPD does a better job of concealing the cleats, allowing for a more casual street wear look. With Mather’s design, urban cyclists can cross over between cycling and urban cruising without having to change shoes….

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Nike Dunk Low Gyrizo ACG BMX Shoe

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Nike Dunk Low Gyrizo ACG BMX Shoe

nike dunk low gyrizo acg bmx shoe   Nike Dunk Low Gyrizo ACG BMX Shoe

Back in 2008, some Nike Dunk Lows known as the Gyrizo ACG were made for the BMXers during the Olympic events. Designed with a stiffer sole and clip in technology allowing efficient pedaling, but for everyday use the clip is removable. For those that are into sneakers, the Nike Dunk Low Gyrizo ACG uses a speckled sole that are also seen on past Nike ACG. This pair also features a strap across the front, which has never been used on low versions. Since this pair is a sample, you will not be able to purchase in stores.

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