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Coast no Coast film

coast no coast film 300x169   Coast no Coast film

Matt Churchill and Topher Masluk will embark on a journey from Vancouver to Mexico via fixed gear bikes. The 2200 kilometer adventure will be covered on film titled Coast no Coast.

The documentary project will begin on August 1, 2010. Both riders will be riding with everything they need on the road. Churchill and Masluk plans to arrive at their destination in two months.

Supporting their bold endeavor are Hold Fast, Ben’s Cycle and Milwaukee Bicycle Co. Check the Coast no Coast website for more updates….

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New Film Women of Dirt Will Feature Top Female Mountain Bikers

new film women of dirt will feature top female mountain bikers   New Film Women of Dirt Will Feature Top Female Mountain Bikers

A new full-length film is in post-production right now called Awesome Land: Women of Dirt. The goal of the film is to bring to light female mountain bikers, a very overlooked group of athletes from a very overlooked sport in itself. are the folks behind the film, and their goal is to document the lives of the riders, both on and off the saddle. “The inspiration for Women Of Dirt starts first with the women who make up an important part of our sport and yet get overlooked. We felt that our lifestyle gets overlooked, and that the women in our sport get overlooked. By focusing on two elements that we don’t see in DVDs, we are telling a story that hasn’t been told,” says Mark Brent, producer of Women of Dirt. The film will cover both veteran riders and newcomers. “We…

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