pinit fg en rect gray 20   NeilPryde Alize Frameset

neilpryde alize frameset   NeilPryde Alize Frameset

Riders looking for a great aerodynamic type of frame to use for their bike should probably take expert advice and get the NeilPryde Alize Frameset.

Come crosswind or clutter the new frame set from Alize manages to cut across any type of wind. The Alize frame set features a lot of great and highly technical parts and details that make it truly a great break-away bike that’s truly aerodynamic.

Some of the NeilPryde bike’s technological features include optimized tube profiles for improved aerodynamic performance. It also has an extended Kammtail design for improved stiffness and maximum motion as well as an Integrated seat clamp with QFIT, which helps make riders comfortable with whatever road terrain they might encounter.

Other technology features include : Rib technology in full C6.7 carbon fibre forks, Rear drop-out and Internal cable routing. It is currently priced at $2,600 and available through the official NeilPryde website….

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