2012 shimano mw81 winter mountain bike shoes   2012 Shimano MW81 Winter Mountain Bike Shoes

Perfect for winter mountain biking is the new pair of shoes called MW81 introduced by Shimano for 2012. Featured by these insulated SPD boots is a high-quality Gore-Tex liner, which is not only waterproof but highly breathable and comfortably warm, as well.

Visibility in low light conditions is enhanced by the nice reflective detailing on the MW81’s heel and side. Even when the rider is wearing gloves, it is very easy to adjust the mountain bike shoes’ three wide cuttable Velcro-style straps, which also help offer a comfortable fit.

As compared to typical cycling shoes, the 2012 Shimano MW81 Winter Mountain Bike Shoes have a larger volume. This extra space allows for maximum comfort while riding during winter with thick socks. In a size 40, a pair of these shoes weighs in at only 815g.

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