pinit fg en rect gray 20   Muc Off Bike and Rider Care Products

muc off bike and rider care products   Muc Off Bike and Rider Care Products

Muc-Off launches two additions to its array of bike and rider care products, the Muc-Off Miracle Shine and the Muc-Off Foam Shine. The Miracle Shine is a polish that not only make bikes shiny and new-looking, it also acts as a protectant. It has a mixture of 3 waxes that can be used on a carbon fiber frame, chrome, metal, plastics and on paint work.

The Miracle Shine contains the hardest naturally occurring Carnauba wax and Silicon oils for easy application. It uses a Fluoro Polymer Technology that acts like a protective film, repelling water and other outside elements and pollutants.

On the other hand, the Foam Fresh is a foam cleaner for helmets, body armor and more. It comes with a fresh citrus smell with intense foaming action when used on dirt and grime. It is easy to apply and works well to keep helmet liners fresh and clean.

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