dragomir freeride downhill gloves   Dragomir Freeride Downhill Gloves

The Dragomir Freeride Downhill Gloves are specially made for freeride and downhill riders. These power gloves are extremely packed with features that protect your hands, keeping you safe and comfortable on all your rides. The upper part comes with an elastic spandex that will keep the gloves in place, never allowing them to fall off.

The Dragomir Freeride Downhill Gloves features a stiffening “bracelet” of neoprene, safeguard polycarbonate insert Kevlar and protective pads on the middle and terminal phalanges, which gives you maximum ventilation at all times. The unique design offers comfort while riding with excellent grip and ventilation. Comes in three different sizes – M, L and XL; all in blue color scheme. MSRP: $55.

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