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2012 Cannondale Ryker Mountain Biking Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Cannondale Ryker Mountain Biking Helmet

2012 cannondale ryker mountain biking helmet   2012 Cannondale Ryker Mountain Biking Helmet

For 2012, Cannondale has released a mountain bike helmet called Ryker. Like its typical approach, Cannondale designed the Ryker to offer first-rate comfort, function, form, safety and overall usage. In key impact zones, support and strength are added by the exoskeleton reinforcements.

Embedded chassis tackles impacts while occipital fit system with micro adjust dial allows for an easy and perfect fit. To disperse and redirect impact, the helmet features a dual density foam. Extra safety and protection is provided by the cone-shaped foam that functions as crumple zones.

With the moisture and odor resistant rubber pad in the back, large vents make the helmet more breathable. Weighing about 250g, the 2012 Cannondale Ryker Mountain Biking Helmet is for riders who demand comfort and safety when mountain biking. The helmet is available in five color options.

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2011 Firefly Baggy Shorts

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Firefly Baggy Shorts

2011 firefly baggy shorts   2011 Firefly Baggy Shorts

Riders who enjoy mountain biking must wear a comfortable yet durable garments like the 2011 Firefly Baggy Shorts. A lot of benefits are derived from the baggy feature of this traditional lycra cycling short in terms of comfort and style.

Manufactured from Supplex nylon peach fabric, the Firefly features a very soothing feel against the skin along with its mesh drop liner that comes with a CoolMax antibacterial pad, seamless inner leg and contrast panel in crotch and upper rear.

At an affordable price, the 2011 Firefly Baggy Shorts is a great choice for riding that calls for more coverage and less baring of skin such as mountain biking. Other beneficial features of the baggy mountain bike shorts include front side entry pockets, integral Endura elastic with drawcord, and a zip fly.

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2011 Fizik Gobi XM Muzzle Saddle

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Fizik Gobi XM Muzzle Saddle

2011 gobi xm muzzle saddle   2011 Fizik Gobi XM Muzzle Saddle

Popular in mountain biking, the 2011 Gobi XM Muzzle saddle is a new and updated product from Fizik. A thick scuff guard is attached to the rear of the new Gobi saddle, which protects the saddle from being frayed.

Long distance rides can be tackled by the 2011 Fizik Gobi XM Muzzle saddle with its favorable shape and width. Steep mountain biking climbs become smooth, no sweat for the long nose of the new Gobi saddle.

A flexible mid-section along the side of the saddle, called Wing Flex, allows for less restricted pedaling. Other excellent features of this new Gobi saddle are a removable rubber protector, nylon carbon reinforced shell, a microtex cover and Manganese rails.

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