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2012 Northwave Extreme Tech SBS and Rebel 3V Mountain Bike Shoes

2012 northwave extreme tech sbs and rebel 3v mountain bike shoes   2012 Northwave Extreme Tech SBS and Rebel 3V Mountain Bike Shoes

Northwave has released its 2012 range of new mountain bike shoes featuring reduced weight as well as some exciting innovations. Highlights of the range include the Extreme Tech SBS and the Rebel 3V. Both of the shoes feature great aesthetics and high quality.

Combined by the Extreme Tech SBS shoes are the new SpeedLight 3D carbon sole and the one-piece extremely lightweight microfiber upper. Though it looks similar to the famous Boa system, the rotary closure mechanism of the shoes has a smaller and more ergonomic dial and an incredibly strong cord.

In the mid-level category is the Rebel 3V, which uses a carbon reinforced sole, microfiber upper with airmesh inserts, and three Velcro straps. For riders who are looking for new cycling shoes, the 2012 Northwave Mountain Bike Shoes, such as the Extreme Tech SBS and Rebel 3V, are a great choice.

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2012 Yeti SB66 Mountain Bike Frame

2012 yeti sb66 mountain bike frame   2012 Yeti SB66 Mountain Bike Frame

Yeti Bikes has released one of the latest mountain bike frames for 2012 called SB66. Four of the major features of this 3.17kg frame include switch technology, more responsive mid stroke, efficient pedaling, and continuous travel. It is available in lime, turquoise, black, and white colors.

An unconventional mechanism is used by the optimized dual-link design called switch technology, which is combined with the leverage ratio’s flat linear shape for a more responsive mid stroke. By rotating the eccentric link rearward, efficient pedaling is achieved without compromising its small bump sensitivity.

When the 2012 Yeti SB66 Mountain Bike Frame gets to the inflection point, the forward clockwise rotation of the eccentric link begins. With this continuous travel, the rate at which the chain stay develops drops fast so the suspension can work separately from pedal feedback and chain forces.

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2012 Hotrock 24in 7-Speed Boys Kids Mountain Bike

2012 hotrock 24in 7 speed boys kids mountain bike   2012 Hotrock 24in 7 Speed Boys Kids Mountain Bike

For 2012, one of the most exciting mountain bikes especially created for kids is the Hotrock 24in 7-Speed Boys. This new bike is the ideal machine for kids who are fond of outback rides and whooshing around the campground.

With a low stand over height, the A1 Premium aluminum ATB frame of this kiddie bike offers a space for a full-sized water bottle and makes starts more relaxed. Kids can perfectly fit in the durable and comfortable saddle, which is engineered with kid’s body geometry.

Both dirt and streets can be tackled well by the 2012 Hotrock 24in 7-Speed Boys Kids Mountain Bike, thanks to its 50mm-travel suspension fork that handles bumps with more control and its tires with strong grip and smooth rolling that make rolling on the street easier.

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2012 Sidi Eagle 5 Pro Mountain Bike Shoes

2012 sidi eagle 5 pro mountain bike shoes   2012 Sidi Eagle 5 Pro Mountain Bike Shoes

For 2012, Sidi has created one of the top mountain bike shoes called Eagle 5 Pro. These great-looking and high-performance MTB shoes have three major features, which include its caliper buckle and its soft instep two-closure and Velcro security systems.

First, the caliper buckle is an adjusted micrometric closure made by elevating the central buckle. Second, through the soft instep two-closure system, the combination of a supple thermo-formed material and lessened padded strap enhances both performance and comfort.

Lastly, the Velcro security system comes with locking polymer teeth to improve security. Indeed, the ingeniously crafted 2012 Sidi Eagle 5 Pro Mountain Bike Shoes are greatly helpful during rides that involve muddy and tricky trails.

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2012 Giant Reign X Mountain Bike Frame

2012 giant reign x mountain bike frame   2012 Giant Reign X Mountain Bike Frame

A high-quality frame for mountain bike riders called Reign X has been released by Giant Bicycles for 2012. Built for rough trails, the Reign X is reinforced with a FluidForm ALUXX SL aluminum frameset and a dynamic Maestro 6.7in suspension travel.

While the frame is aggressive enough to tackle all-mountain terrains, its weight is kept low to make climbing steeps easier. Included in the upgrades of this new frame are its secure geometry and sharper handling as well as enhanced cornering capabilities and torsional stiffness.

With the Reign X, riders do not have to worry about sharp drops and other trail obstacles, such as slack rocks and slippery roots. Since trails have extreme demands, it takes an extreme machine such as the 2012 Giant Reign X Mountain Bike Frame to tackle them with confidence.

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2012 Sidi Dominator 5 Lorica Mountain Bike Shoes

2012 sidi dominator 5 lorica mountain bike shoes   2012 Sidi Dominator 5 Lorica Mountain Bike Shoes

Sidi has released the Dominator 5 Lorica, which is one of the most popular mountain bike shoes for 2012. This new model enhances performance and comfort through its soft and thermo-formed material combined with the reduced anatomical, padded strap.

Aside from its full Lorica upper, other excellent offers of the shoes include its Sidi MTB competition sole, Sidi heel, and toe-spike compatibility. Thanks to these state-of-the-art features of the shoes, traction is guaranteed during rides under muddy and tricky conditions.

With guaranteed performance, fit, and creativity, the 2012 Sidi Dominator 5 Lorica Mountain Bike Shoes is the favorite of many MTB riders. Along with its evenly distributed pressure is its adjustable arch area and impeccable centering. Also, all the mechanisms and buckles of the shoes can be replaced.

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2012 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert Carbon EVO Mountain Bike

2012 specialized stumpjumper fsr expert carbon evo mountain bike   2012 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert Carbon EVO Mountain Bike

Specialized has introduced a new carbon trail bike for 2012 called Stumpjumper FSR Expert, which utilizes EVO qualities. Along with the EVO geometry are the Fact 9m carbon main triangle and the M5 alloy rear triangle, which make the bike prepared for aggressive riding.

Trail performance is maximized by its three remote-actuated saddle height positions used by the all-new Specialized Command Post BlackLite. Specially crafted for trail riding, the Roval Control Trail wheelset comes with butted DT Swiss spokes and a larger rim profile, making it lightweight but tough.

With 150mm of rear travel, the 2012 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert Carbon EVO Mountain Bike is an ideal machine for freeriders and downhillers. With its reasonable weight and price, the new Stumpjumper FSR Expert makes climbing up and down the mountain really worthwhile.

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