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Morvélo x Retrobike Fat Tire Flyer T-Shirt

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Morvélo x Retrobike Fat Tire Flyer T Shirt

morvelo retrobike fat tire flyer t shirt   Morvélo x Retrobike Fat Tire Flyer T Shirt

A special collaboration between Morvelo and Retrobike brings a Fat Tire Flyer t-shirt. For those that don’t know, Fat Tire Flyer was an original mountain bike magazine started in 1980 by one of mountain bikings pioneers Charlie Kelly. The actual print located on the front of the t-shirt is from the May-June 1984 issue, which is a pile of bikes that usually occurred in the April Derby’s in Marin County.

At this point, Morvelo and Retrobike reached out to Charlie Kelly, who ok’d the project and took it a step further by scanning the original cover art. While most would work out a financial deal, Charlie just asked for a free t-shirt. Limited to 100 t-shirts, which are made of soft cotton, and can be purchased from Morvelo’s stand at Mountain Mayhem.

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Limited Edition Bike T-Shirts from Morvelo and Retrobike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Limited Edition Bike T Shirts from Morvelo and Retrobike

limited edition bike t shirts from morvelo and retrobike 297x300   Limited Edition Bike T Shirts from Morvelo and RetrobikeMorvelo Bicycle Apparel teams up with Retrobike to produce old school t-shirts for limited time only.

Charlie Kelly, one of the pioneers of Mountain Biking, co-founded the Fat Tire Flyer in 1980 and it was the original mountain bike magazine of bike fans and riders of that time. Fat Tire Flyer depicted an action-packed classic imagery of the earliest off-road races and feats. The April “Derby’s” in Marin County was on the cover of the May/June 1984 issue of the magazine, which illustrated a bike pile up totally describing the typical fun loving attitude of the times.

The illustration gave an inspiring impression to Retrobike and Morvelo that led them to getting in touch with Charlie Kelly with the intention of acquiring a copy of the that particular issue. In addition, Retrobike and Morvelo wished to obtain Kelly’s permission to run a limited edition T-shirt of the cover illustration. They got more…

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