pinit fg en rect gray 20   Rollin’ Bike by Moritz Menacher

rollin bike by moritz menacher   Rollin’ Bike by Moritz Menacher

Moritz Menacher has designed a lightweight, stylish, and functional machine for urban transportation, which is called Rollin’ Bike. This city bike can be carried around without any hassle, and it cannot be stolen easily owing to the easy-to-use stationary lock integrated to its frame.

What allowed Menacher to shave as much > grams off the Rollin’ Bike as possible and shape it with a topnotch aesthetics is the single sheet of laser-cut aluminum, which has been folded to offer extra stability.

Inspired by contemporary interior design, the Rollin’ Bike stands out with its chic looks and superb urban commuting functionality. Moreover, its geometrical design allows for ultimate speed on the crowded city streets.


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