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2011 Morewood Split Pivot Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Morewood Split Pivot Bike

2011 morewood split pivot bike1   2011 Morewood Split Pivot Bike

A trail bike prototype with Split Pivot technology was released by Morewood for 2011. The Split Pivot Bike was built around the newly patented Split Pivot Suspension system by Dave Weagle. The prototype features a lower bottom bracket and a 67.5 degree head angle. It has post mounted rear disc mounts to make the brake caliper bolt onto the frame directly.

It has a 142mm x 12mm rear end and easy to replace hangers. It gives you a similar make with its front wheel dropouts. The 2011 Morewood Split Pivot Bike has a tapered headtube to make it more compatible with a wider range of parts. It also showcases new damper designs. It promises to be simple to adjust and tune in to your riding preference.

The front derailleur was changed to allow bigger tire clearance and direct mounting was used to make front derailleur set up just a breeze to…

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2011 Morewood Makulu Downhill Mountain Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Morewood Makulu Downhill Mountain Bike

2011 morewood makulu downhill mountain bike 1   2011 Morewood Makulu Downhill Mountain Bike

For 2011, Morewood made some changes with its Makulu downhill bike. The modifications were based on pertinent feedback over the past two years like that from the World Cup team in 2009 and 2010. Coming out as one of the leading DH bikes in the market, the 2011 Morewood Makulu now comes in three sizes, small, medium and large.

The modified Makulu now has low leverage linkage which makes it more progressive. Added benefit would be making it more compatible with different brands of new components and parts in the market like Fox DHX and Cane Creek Double Barrel. It also has a 15x12mm rear axle.

The frame underwent some aesthetic changes. Instead of the curved top tube, a straight tube replaced it. This gives extra stiffness around the front triangles. The 2011 Morewood Makulu also features an 83mm bottom bracket an an ISCG-05 chain mount.

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