pinit fg en rect gray 20   Limited Edition 2011 Maserati Single Speed Bike

limited edition 2011 maserati single speed bike   Limited Edition 2011 Maserati Single Speed Bike

Riders looking for class and elegance for their bikes should look no further because the new Limited Edition 2011 Maserati Single Speed bike, dubbed the Montante, has it.

The new Montante Maserati was crafted specifically to celebrate Wilbur Shaw’s 70th Anniversary for his 1940 win using a Maserati 8CTF and is limited to just 200 specially numbered pieces.

Named after the bike’s developer Montante Cicli of Italy, the new single speed bike from Maserati sports everything a Maserati fan would look for in a bike produced by Maserati, including a unique detailing, a silver trident over a gray background located on the bike hubs, which was partly inspired by the Maserati’s three liter, supercharged engine.

The frame also shows the Maserati logo, which is similar to the logo found on most of the cars produced by Maserati.

The new Montante limited edition 2011 Maserati single speed bike is priced at $5126 and…

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