2012 brave monster trickster and seatgrab saddles   2012 Brave Monster, Trickster, and Seatgrab Saddles

Featured by the 2012 range of Brave saddles are the Monster, Trickster, and Seatgrab. Aside from their stylish look, the common feature of the 2012 Brave Monster, Trickster, and Seatgrab Saddles is the very stiff 8mm oversized chromo rails.

Freestyle jumps are tackled well by the huge grip area of the 420g Monster saddle, which has thick padding and Kevlar top. For riders who are looking for an all-rounder, the thin Trickster saddle is ideal. It features sturdy synthetic upper material with Kevlar edges and very comfortable nice small seat.

For BMX, dirt, and street rides, the Seatgrab is strong and durable enough since this saddle is made from a hard-wearing upper Vinyl material, which resists abrasion very effectively. Moreover, the Seatgrab has molded front and rear grab handles.

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